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To live the Dream, the ‘WHY’ is as important as the ‘HOW’.

The view as we flew into LimaHolidays and Lifestyle – Live the Dream

Living the dream - Tony and Tanya with Peruvians in traditional dress

Tony and Tanya in Peru

You may have noticed there is a big gap between this post and the one before. That’s because we have been enjoying a four-week dream vacation in Peru! You can see some of the photos from this incredible holiday on our facebook page,

In fact, it is so we can live our dream and continue enjoying holidays and other luxuries in our retirement that we started on this new business venture. The timing of the holiday could not have been better! Having signed up to an affiliate marketing coaching programme, one of the first things we were advised to do was to design our perfect life! To put on paper what it was we wanted this business to give us.

That’s right! Before writing our first blog, before posting our first comment, before buying traffic, before generating leads, or choosing a product. In fact, before everything else, we wrote down what it was we wanted this business to enable us to have, do and enjoy.

Designing the dream

We decided to write our lists as individuals first, then get together to compare notes. We were encouraged to ‘Dream Big’. So we got to it, designing our dream life.

In the event, the lists turned out to be very similar. I guess that’s the result of 35 years of marriage! Neither Tanya or I wanted luxury cars, Rolex watches, or big mansions, but even so, our dream lifestyle turned out to be pretty challenging. Having it written down, let us see what we wanted to achieve. We now knew what we were working towards in our business, and why. It was exciting and daunting at the same time. Before I tell you about our dream lifestyle, let me tell you a bit about us and how we got here.

Back then

In our late 50’s and early 60’s (I won’t say who is older, as Tanya gets upset), we have reached a time where we are looking to our retirement. Our working life has had its up’s and downs. Both Tanya and I started work in our mid-teens in Factories, hers in textiles, mine in optics. We were both in college at the same time, where we were studying to be church workers. We first met in September and were married the following June! On leaving college, we spent 12 or so years working for churches. The pay was very low, so we did not build up finance in our early years as some do, (but as they say; “The retirement benefits are out of this world”!) I then moved into self-employed work, and Tanya became a full-time mum.

The first few years were a disaster! I worked as a delivery driver and crashed the truck. I became an agent for jewellery …. that no one bought. I tried Amway, only to have my up-line use my bank details to buy his stock as he was broke!

We struggled through the next four years, barely breaking even. We had four young children, lived in social housing, and to be honest relied on friends and family to make ends meet each month. Then Tanya had an insight that turned our life around. One night, in 1995, she said to me, “Tony, you need to get into to computers”. So (as I always do as my wife tells me!) that’s what I did.

1995 and the mobile internet

Living the Dream - Tony moves from IT consultancy to Affiliate Marketing

Tony doing his consultant pose!

It was the Summer of 1995, and I met a guy, in a field, camping, with a laptop, connected to the internet…. Remember this was 1995! That was incredible. We got chatting; it turns out he was a special projects manager for British Telecommunications (BT). He was looking for a software tester, and as we chatted, he decided to give me a chance. I started as a freelance contractor with BT a few weeks later, and soon found I had a knack for identifying what was wrong with the programmes they gave me.

Bit by bit over the next twenty years or so I established my reputation, built up my client list, and by and large, with two notable exceptions have been working at this successfully ever since. The exceptions being 2002, where I decided to branch out at set up a consultancy, hire staff, and take on the ‘big boys’. Six months later, £150,000 in debt, it was only the sale of our office building that saved me from bankruptcy. The other was 2013 when I suffered a 9-month drought of work, which effectively wiped out my savings. However, on the whole, the work has afforded us a nice living, albeit without much of a pension. It was nearing retirement without a safety net that focused our minds on the life we wanted.

When we got together and swapped notes, our dreams and desires were pretty much in sync. They turned out to be:

The Dream

To retire in 2 to 3 years with an income that would allow us to;

  • Buy and enjoy a retirement home in Portugal
  • Take holidays to the places we want to visit, travelling in some degree of style
  • Be able to help our children and grandchild financially
  • To be debt free
  • To contribute to our favourite charity

These things are expressed in a variety of ways, such as being able to bring the Grandchildren out to spend holidays with us in Portugal. To have the ‘toys’ we want to make those holidays fun, like canoes for the lake, electric all terrain buggy for the forest. To have money to enjoy meals out and unique visits. But the list above sums it up nicely.

The Cost

We then set out what we would need to be earning each month to achieve our dream. In 2017, we want to be making around $1,500 a month. But to achieve the full list goals we have set ourselves, we need to be earning $15,000 a month.  That includes the money to buy our dream house and to continue paying a mortgage on our UK House, a sizable donation each month to our charity, holiday money to allow us to fly business class, money for a family trust fund, and all the daily living expenses.

Sounds crazy! You might say that that is a ridiculous, that we will never achieve that. Well, not only do we believe this is possible, we are now part of an organisation where we see proof of it happening for people very much like us.

The How

We believe that Affiliate Marketing, done right, with the right support and products will allow us to achieve all our goals. We have discovered the two key elements that must be in place to make this work and tapped into a great coaching and training programme.

When the opportunity presented itself, we grabbed it with both hands. It has enabled us, as absolute beginners to undertake structured training, become certified, and from early in the process start to build an Affiliate Marketing consultancy that works!

Do you want to know what it is that will allow us to achieve this? Would you like us to tell you how we plan to avoid the mistake others have made? Good, because want to share our discovery with as many people as possible. We have created a training video that sets out who we are, how we can help, and what you need to know to make it in this industry. Fill in your email details by following the link below, and we will send you the details.

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This free training video will also show you where to go to further valuable free training and information.

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