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My Latest Greatest Failure – Cause for Celebration

Celebration jpegFailure – a good reason for a Celebration!

Maundy Thursday, 7:30 am, 2017, cause for celebration? In a very cold Darlington in the ‘frozen north’ of the UK one of my clients has just told me to pack up my gear and leave! And that was that! No ‘thank you for your efforts. No exit interview. Nothing! In effect, ‘please go away!’

Not exactly a cause for celebration you might think! But wait till I tell you what had happened and why I think this is a great start to the Easter weekend. More importantly, wait till I tell you about a great free webinar that might give you cause for celebration as well!

The information in the webinar will be particularly valuable to you it, like me, you are looking to build extra income online to give you some protection against the unsettled economic times we live in. We have now launched the IGNITE training programme I have mentioned a couple of times before. The webinar gives you the opportunity to find out a bit more in a risk free environment.

It makes no sense, right?

First though, I simply must tell you how I came to be celebrating the loss of a lucrative contract! I still can’t get my head around it.

For the past 20 years, I have worked as a freelance IT consultant. I fix broken projects, many of which have spent millions and still failed to deliver. I am good at what I do and get paid well for it.

In this case I had been asked to look at a project that was late. It was overbudget by many millions. The supplier was constantly failing to deliver an acceptable level of quality. I always say, the worse shape the project is in, the easier my job. So this one should have been a doddle.

Typically, I look at what is happening. I talk to the people involved. I then formulate a plan for recovery. Inevitably there is conflict, as I have to point out failings and people start to get defensive. This project was no exception.

Often it is the case that both the client and the supplier are blame for the mess. Unusually, in this case, the vast majority of blame for the continued failure was clearly down to the supplier. The client was, in my opinion, naïve and I felt that the supplier was taking advantage of this.

Why pay for consultancy if you won’t listen?

Hear See Say jpegI started to call out the things that were wrong, but, the client was having none of it! Despite paying me a healthy day rate they refused to take action on my advice. Worse still, every time I presented evidence of failure on the part of the supplier, the client would ask me to drop it. It made no sense!

I was now three months in to a lucrative contract, but getting absolutely nowhere. I was failing, and failing big time!

I just could not understand why the client would not get tough with the supplier and hold them to account. I could not understand the motivation to keep paying out for shoddy, bug ridden software.

Why were they not shouting about this?
Why were they not escalating this further up the chain of command within the supplier organisation?
Why were they paying me and then shutting me down on every corrective path of action I suggested?

I am a bright guy, but this had me stumped!

I was frustrated …I was failing …I was useless.

I decided to force the issue!

I was faced with a very difficult decision:

Do I keep on chugging away and taking the money?


Do I call it quits and retain my integrity?

It was clear to me that they just simply did not value my Services. They were prepared to pay for them, but still they did not value them. I had failed to
demonstrate the importance of what I had been telling them. I had failed to convince them of the sense in talking the action I was proposing.

To be honest, I needed the money! I had signed an eight month lease on an expensive high tech, ‘control the lights, heating and doors
from your mobile’ apartment. On the other hand, I felt bad about taking money without being able to deliver the goods.

I agonised over it for a while, but decided that I could not take the money if I was not delivering the results. So the day before I had invoked the clause in my contract that allowed me to give 20 days notice of cancellation of my services. I had met with the management of the company and explained my reasons. They seemed relieved that I had given notice, rather than shocked, and I began to understand the extent of my failure.

And now I am gone!

Exit ImageSo here I was, 7:30 in the morning, about to start the first of my 20 days of worked notice. And this is when they told me that they would pay for the 20 days, but did not want me to work them. They valued my service so little that they would actually pay me to go away!

This is the first time this has happened to me in my 20+ years of consultancy and it is not a good feeling. So why on earth would that call for a celebration?

Time to build the business.

Well the truth is that I am building an online business that will take away the need for me to continue this sort of contracting. I now have 20 paid days to concentrate on that business. This is a wonderful opportunity.

I have received so much fantastic advice and instruction from my mentor and coaches over the past few months that I have a ton of things to do to ensure the success of my business. I am celebrating this fantastic opportunity to use those 20 days to really get stuck in.

Check Out This Webinar!

And so in order to share that celebration feeling with you I want to give you the heads up on a very valuable, highly informative, and maybe even life changing webinar. This webinar will give you the low down on exactly what it is we are doing to replace my consultancy income with work I can do from
my lap top, anywhere in the world, and that will finance my retirement.

Avoid the conTime to Book Your Seat

The webinar is being held THIS MONDAY so go right now and book your seat! You can do so by clicking this link
FREE WEBINAR. Do it now… It could just be The start of a whole new life!

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Honestly the best policy?

Honest UpdateWhen we started this blog, we stated that we would honestly and openly share our progress. That’s a tough challenge when things are not progressing as we would have hoped. There are some in this industry who would say you should “fake it till you make it”, in effect, “mislead people into thinking you are more successful than you are.” That’s just not our style; we want to stay true to our word. We want to share with you what this journey is like, in all honestly.

Lack of Progress

The truth is that we are not progressing as we had hoped. The lack of progress has become demotivating. We have needed to give ourselves a swift kick up the backside! Just this week Tanya posted the following on our Facebook page:

[img_text_aside style=”1″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”” alignment=”center”]I lost some of my motivation this week, probably because Tony is working away from home and I have been packing boxes and clearing out the house so we can move out before July. So there is a need for me to be here and Tony to be in Darlington. Anyway, I haven’t done any quotes this week, because of being busy, but tonight I decided to get to grips with myself and get back on my laptop. I saw this quote and it has reminded me why Tony and I are doing this business and what motivates Tony and myself. It is so Tony can retire early and we can spend more time with each other and our family, and for our new home in Portugal which is in process of being rebuilt. If you would like to know more about us you can contact us at See you soon


So, if you are expecting a rose-tinted story of fast and easy success, you going to be disappointed. What you’re getting here is the brutal truth, honestly and openly presented.

The plan

Some weeks ago, on this blog, we published a plan with some projected incomes. We want to let you know where we are against that plan. The target income projected was that by the end of March we would have made about $131. The actual income was $29. A bit the shortfall! To make matters worse, we were expecting to make $2700 in April and are certainly not on track to do that.

We expected to be promoting some products that have not yet arrived (but will do very soon)

We have though, by and large, kept up with our commitments to blog, broadcast live, publish on Facebook and in addition to our page, start to develop a Facebook group, Building The Dream.


Scuba DiverAnyone that knows me, knows I’m a scuba diver. One of the things I need to know as a scuba diver, is how to navigate underwater. It does not help that I am not very good at underwater navigation. Whereas other diver’s compasses are marked ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’, ‘West’, mine might as well be marked, ‘Eeny’, ‘Meeny’, ‘Miney’ ‘Moe’! If I’m supposed to be heading south for 20 m, but am one or two degrees off from my heading, then the further I travel further I deviate from my destination, The further I deviate the greater the corrective action needed. Of course, you only know you are off track if you have a planned track and destination and check your progress regularly.

Because we have a plan for our business, and because we have a schedule of activity, and both are written down, we are able to see exactly where we have deviated from the plan. Because we can see where we have deviated were able to see what we need to do to get back on track. So here again, in the cause of honesty, is where we have deviated, and the corrective or mitigating action we are taking to put this right.


Building a better mousetrap.

The main area we are failing is that of getting enough people to know what we are doing, giving those people a reason to know, like and trust us, and then pointing them to valuable solutions that will help them achieve their goals whilst at the same time providing us with an income through affiliate sales. (OK there we go again with the shameless open honesty, we hope that people who read our blog, visit our Facebook page, join or Facebook group and watch our YouTube videos will become customers!).

The thing is, simply building a better mousetrap has not caused the world to beat a path to our door!

So what are we going to do about it?

First, we are going to renew our enthusiasm for our daily tasks. Tanya is going to continue doing her motivational memes. There are great, I love the way she weaves the words and pictures to create motivational daily quotes. In fact I am thinking of creating a motivational video with these.

I am going to continue my blog, but also my daily Facebook live broadcasts, but I am going to do so with much more life and vigor. I have been inspired by Simon Stanley, who I have been following for a while and met in January. Go check his YouTube channel, this guy has come from nowhere to being very successful in a few short years.

I am also going to upload my Facebook live broadcasts to YouTube to build our own YouTube channel.

In addition I am going to re-visit some of the training I have attended earlier by watching the live videos of the sessions and remind myself of what I need to do to create a Traffic System, reaching out to people and moving them from strangers who know nothing about us, into a place where they know like and trust us and value our advice and recommendations.

Also Tony and I have been working on a fun quiz that we will be publishing very soon which we hope you and others will find interesting and informative.

There are a few other things in the pipeline but more about that in another blog.

Like minded individuals

one of our hopes is that this blog will attract like-minded individuals to be keen to contact us and have our support as they build their own digital path to success in retirement. If that sounds like you and you would like one-to-one Skype conversation to see how we can help you and have us honestly explained to you what’s involved then do please email us at

if you enjoyed this blog that did comment below and consider joining our Facebook group to get more today and in depth information.

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Cash Poor But Potential Rich – Growing Pains

Growing Pains Image


Money! Cash flow! That’s the issue for us at the moment.  I had no idea how quickly money would flow out and how slowly money would come in.


It has always been our intention to fund the majority of the build from our pension money. We plan to replace that pension money from our affiliate marketing earning. The funds from the pensions will get us past the first stage of the building work. It will provide enough money for a new roof, new internal walls, drainage, sewerage, electricity and even the new floors (we hope). The remaining work we need to fund from our earnings.

The trouble has been that whilst our two small pensions paid out fairly quickly, our larger pension is less forthcoming. It is administered through an investment fund and they seem to be dragging their heels. They wanted to get a valuation first. Then there were forms to send us.  Next, they wanted a call to explain all the implications of taking the funds now. They seem to have no end of reasons to delay actually sending us the money!

Finally, I have demanded that they just release the funds!  They have now sent us the final forms to start the process of releasing our money. It looks like we are going to run out of cash in about two weeks when we have a large bill to pay for roof timbers and tiles! It’s so frustrating, the money is there, we asked for it before Christmas. It looks like we won’t get it now till after Easter.

Don’t get an Architect!

Floor plan imageI made the mistake of getting an architect, Malcolm! He is actually very good and has made such an impact on our plans. Malcolm took our crude floor plans and adapted them to make better use of the space. He suggested we build a mezzanine floor over two-thirds of the building. This will house an extra bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom and office space for Tanya and I.  His design is brilliant and too good to pass up. We need to raise the gable walls a little, use more and stronger beams to support the floor and add roof lights we did not need before. It all adds to the cost.

It is very easy to see how this whole thing has grown beyond my expectation and why the money is gushing out.

Time is money!

In the same way that the building project is growing, so is our Affiliate Marketing business. Just as Malc (our Architect) has added huge value to the building project, our coach, Dean, is also adding value, but again at a cost! This time the cost is time. Dean has been working on a great new training program called ‘Ignite’. You can see my review of it on Youtube here (Ignite Review). This course is going into testing on Monday and then fine tuning over the next couple of weeks. As a result, it’s all hands to the pumps as we create some advertising material for the course. I will be producing some videos and some static adverts to drive visitors to the course. In order to pre-frame the course, I shall also be working with Dean to create a free co-hosted webinar. It’s all more than we first thought and is both exciting and time-consuming at the same time.

Affiliate Training Course

The way this training video will work is that students will sign up to do the course, and can only proceed for one module to the next if they complete a knowledge review. Its a great concept and particularly for those new to Affiliate Marketing as it is so easy to jump in and drown if there is not a mechanism that helps structure and pace the information being shared.  As I say this is still being fined tuned and so I don’t want to say to much about it now (but it will be a fantastic course though and I will say more when it’s fully ready).

So all in all busy times.

 Like-minded Individuals

I hope this makes sense and that you now have a better idea of what we are doing. The first step in us building this online business is to gain an audience, in effect to lay the foundation for all that follows. That is what we are doing with this blog and what we will be doing with the webinar. By being open and honest in sharing our journey, we are hoping to attract like-minded people who also want to take this route to making an income.

If you want to know more, be informed when the webinar is ready or get sent more information on what we are doing then please comment below. Remember, Tanya and I are real people, were not over the top ‘RaRa’ merchants or conmen, and we are interested to hear your story.

If you want to be updated when new posts are released, do join our FaceBook Group, Building The Dream







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