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Blog It!

What happened yesterday?

Yesterday I attended the first webinar of my 30 day challenge to generate $100 a day. The webinar concentrated on the first step in the process and set us our first challenge!

We were told that the first step is to start laying the foundations of your business. Most important in that, is to have a point of presence on the internet, a blog, where you can provide updates and posts and people can interact with you.

Blog ImageWhy though?

The internet has fast evolved from being a knowledge sharing platform, to being a social engagement platform. Everyone now stars in their own small soap opera. We broadcast and consume vast amounts of  ‘I did this, they did that, look at me, what do you think, here I am again, what you doing’ storied type information. And we LOVE it!

We don’t want to be lectured at, we want to be entertained. We don’t want to be ‘sold to’, we want to be engaged.

A blog is a great place to do that.

Engagement (views and comments) may be slow at first, but over time, if you stick at it, provide interesting and helpful comment, and above all, tell an honest story, it will find a following, you will build a tribe!

The  ‘K > L > T’  equation

I believe that by helping other achieve their success online, I can achieve mine! I honestly believe that the products and courses I promote add significant value and will help people make money online. But frankly, what I believe is worth diddly squat! What is important is what others believe about what I am offering.

There is a proven equation that goes like this

K L T = E (E=S)

First people need to get to Know you….and the blog is one route to enable people to get to know you.Engagement Increases image

Then they need to Like you and your message…. If you fail to resonate with them (and we all fail to resonate with at least some people) then they will probably simply fade away. If however they like you and your message, they will continue to consume you posts and messages.

After a while, as you continue to act ethically and provide value, people will get to Trust you.

At this point, the level of positive Engagement will increase. Engagement, will lead to sales. If you have something of value, that helps people meet a need they have, then as they get to Know Like and Trust you, you will see sales of those products.


So…. If you are following along, what you need to do now is build a blog. If you are not sure how, or want help, then just email me at, and if I can, I will be glad to help

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Quick Start Challenge… why we need to do this

Its been a while since I blogged and for that I apologise. A lot has been going on, both in the business, in our personal lives and with the build in Portugal.

Before I give you a brief update and bring you up to speed, I wanted to tell you about the Quick Start Challenge I have just started. You may find this to be of interest and of use to yourselves.

Quick Start Challenge…. What’s it all about.

As you are aware, I have a mentor and coach, Dean Holland. Separate from his normal business, Internet Profits, he has teamed up with a Craig Crawford to do a training programme designed to take someone from nothing, to making $100 a day, in just 30 days!  That’s right, from newbie to your first $100 day inside of a month.

I decided to jump onto this training as I feel this would be a great opportunity to do two things:

  • 1st to re-invigorate my Affiliate Marketing efforts, which frankly are not where I want them to be yet
  • 2nd to prove to doubters that it is possible to make Affiliate Marketing work , if you take the right, targeted and effective action.

So I signed up myself and will be documenting how I get on, the course starts today, so look out tomorrow for details of the first actions on the path to $100 a day!.

Quick update?

Things have been a bit of a mix, good and bad, and, truth be told, we are not where we predicted we  would be at this point.

good bad

Let me get rid of the bad stuff first:

1: Tanya and I have not been as consistent as we need to be in working on out business. In Tanya’s case this is largely due to her discovering that she had a large Kidney tumour that needed urgent surgery. (all went well and she is fine now thanks). However at the same time this was happening, my daughter was seriously ill and rushed to hospital in Portugal, which took me out of action for a week as I flew out to be with her. (again all well now),

2: I got distracted. As a result of all the training I have undertook, I got distracted, learning and putting in to place certain processes, actions and content pieces, I stopped doing earlier things, like blogging, and started implementing new things, like solo ads and videos. Now these things have produced results, of a kind, (I have made about $500 in the last 5 weeks out of Solo ads) but they are not consistent. Its kinda like being a juggler, but only with one ball at a time, not impressive! The key is to keep all the balls in the air.

3: We are behind target for our projected income.

Now the good stuff

1: I have been having great fun with promotional videos. I feel that these fun video adverts give a unique flavour to our marketing activity. You can check the out here:

There are more to come over the next few weeks.

2: I have been learning about, and experimenting with Solo ads. The results have been encouraging with about 800 people joining my list and generating about 8 front line sales. This may not sound like much, but actually it’s vitally important to build a list, and often sales will come only after people have been on the list for a while…. Why? Well that’s the next point.

3: I have been learning about email marketing and more importantly how to craft emails that engage with my list. I am currently working through my email sequence (I have over 100 emails written now, promoting a number of products). I need to get them into some sort of logical order and then set up my autoresponder to send the right messages to the right people at the right time.


All in all I think both Tanya and I have been a bit disappointed in the results to date, but are both still excited as we believe we are moving forward to a place where we will soon be seeing the results we want and can automat much of the process.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this update. Doi please comment below and let us know what you think.



Tony and Tanya

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