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A Winning Workflow!

My winning workflow

I am fine tuning my winning workflow. A workflow is simply a process that you follow to achieve a desired out come. By standardising your workflow you can achieve efficiencies of effort…..
Right, lets stop that right there….I am beginning to sound like a Management Consultant!

So what does this actually mean for me?

I have recently developed a targeted set of actions so that I know exactly what I am doing each day.  I know the order I am doing them in.

So first let me set out my work flow.

My Work Flow
1: I start off thinking about the message I want to give to those that follow me today, or might be interested to find out a bit more about making money online.
2: I write up a draft blog post, that way it helps my thinking so that when I come to do my Facebook Live broadcast I know what I want to cover.
3: I broadcast my Daily live video…knowing that I will re-use this video a few times in different ways before I am done for the day.
4: I record on my phone, and after I have posted the video, I go to my PC and download the file so I can then edit it.
5: (this is a new step I am about to implement, but haven’t done so yet) I then add an ‘Outro’ to my live broadcast. This is a closing ‘advert’ to promote the Perfect Offer.
6: Having done that, I upload the video to YouTube and make it public.
7: I then take the YouTube video URL and embed it in the blog I drafted earlier, this way the blog is both a blog and a vlog (videoblog).
8: I then publish the blog.
9: Next I take the blog and craft it in to either a short or long email, and again embed the YouTube link into the email.
10: I then sent the email to my list.
11: Finally, I write a short post linking to my blog and insert that into Buffer, a programme that then pushes that single post out to my Facebook Pages, Twitter and Instagram.

After that I sit down to a well-earned cup of tea,

But why?

So why do I think these points are so important. Well for a long time I have been doing my live broadcasts to an audiance of only 5 or 6. I believe that I give significant value in these broadcasts, and I was disapointede that there were not more people benefiting from them. The workflow I now have allows that content to go out to my 2,000 email subscribers as well as those who will find it on YouTube.

I am about four weeks three weeks into this new process, and already I am seeing an increase in sales, so it must be working!

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Give yourself the best chance of success

Give yourself the best chance of success!

Sometimes, what you want most, is actually much more in your own gift than you might think. You see, you really do make your own luck! Or rather your success is dependent on your ability to recognise and seize opportunity.

To give yourself the best chance of getting what you want, you first have to know what it is you want. I mean though, really know what you want. You must know what you really want, what your true heart’s desire is.


pensWrite it down

Then you absolutely must write it down. There is a strange power in the written  word… it is almost as if the act of writing down you dream is in effected writing a contract. One written, its is there, in plain sight…. The act of writing it down is a powerful commitment.


Have a plan

Then write a plan and stick to it. In some respects, the simpler the plan the better. It needs to be a robust plan, but not overly complicated. Or a while I experimented with a whole range of activities, seeing which resonated with me, which worked, which did not. I now have a simple plan of action that seems to be working. For me the plan is simply, Record a Facebook live (like now), I then upload the video to Facebook. I write a blog about what I have just spoken about and embed the video in the blog. I then take a cutdown version of the blog and send it out as an email.   I have seen a significant increase in sales since I started sticking to this plan.


Take Action

Once you have the plan, Take Action on it….you will be surprised how many people get all the way down this route, but stop short of actually taking action. Simple, manageable steps that support your plan is what is required. Don’t take on more than you can manage, but do take as much, targeted, effective action as you can.


dont give upPersevere

The key to successful action is perseverance.  You need to keep going. You never know how close you are to making that break through. It would be so sad to take daily effort, to follow your plan, and then lose heart, run out of steam and give up just before you succeed. I am not advocating blindly following a route that is not succeeding, but rather that you keep on working towards your goals and pushing through the pain points.



In relation to those pain points, be prepared to experiment. If something is not working, tweak it. If it continues to fail, try a new approach. If you see a new angle, experiment in a small way before jumping in feet first.

As with most things in life, to succeed you need to invest. Time, effort money.. you need to be prepared to invest. It is generally true that the things that cost nothing are worth little. Be prepared to invest in your education. As a SCUBA diver I have a host of qualifications, (I hold a Nitrox qualification allowing me to dive on enriched air, I have a wreck diving qualification, I am a rescue diver and a whole bag full of other qualifications). To obtain these I had to buy educational material, pay for training, invest time in study and practice. To keep some of them I have to requalify periodically. I tell you this to illustrate the point that to get what you want you have to invest.


Work Hard

All of this is tied together by the crimson thread of hard work. To be a success takes hard work. The more work, targeted and in line with the plan, the sooner the goal will be achieved. You must simply keep your eye on the goal, follow the plan, take targeted action and work hard till you succeed.









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Look out…

Watch out… changes are comming

Today I have just had a 1 hour one to one with Dean Holland my mentor. This guy has made millions online in the past few years, but before that he struggled. Because he has been where I am, starting out and striving to make a success online, and has managed to rise to the top of his profession, I tend to put great store by what he has to say, and value these sessions together. Sometimes he will reveal a hidden truth, a deep deep secret, a gem of knowledge, held only by a select few. Other times, what he has to say seems so simple, so obvious, so mundane that it takes me a while to grasp the power of what he has just revealed.

To day’s session contained a simple but profound revelation!

Whats the story?

So hold on to your hats whilst I reveal the gist of what he told me….

To sell more product….more people have to see your offer…. to get more people to see your offer, you have to give it greater exposure.

Deep right! Ok, so maybe not a mind shattering revelation… but none the less an important lesson for me.

We looked at what  am currently doing to make people aware of the great training we have on offer.

1: I write a blog.

About 4 to 5 times a week  publish new content, be it words of wisdom, updates on our progress or points of interest to others looking to make money online.

As we looked at my blog posts he pointed out that people get distracted online, they probably would get all the way through my post before they click on something else that has caught their eye.

Here was hi first suggestion… add an image to the page that links to the free training you are offering, so that if someone is going to get distracted, at least it is you doing the distraction and sending them to where you want them to go!

So look out for some prominent banner adverts on by blog real soon!

2: Daily emails.

I currently email those that have signed up to my email newsletter once a day. The initial email open rate is good, but after a week or so it drops off.  People are not unsubscribing, just not opening my emails. In effect it is just wasted effort.

He suggested that one reason for this was that people had not yet got to know me as well as they needed to. He suggested that as  I have a lot of good stuff to share, I could easily email twice a day.  Giving people the opportunity to get to know, like and trust me. That this would lead to more sales as people got to trust that the things I promote are worth their time and attention.

So look out for more regular emails.

3: I do a daily video blog as well as my written blog.

He suggested that it would be a great idea to put an outro sequence on the end of each of my videos, that promoted one of my offers. In fact I had recorded an outro the other week but had not got round to using it.

So look out for my videos and the new outro at the end.

As you can see, simple stuff, but hopefully, as I take action on each item I will see an increase in engagement with my followers that will result in more sales.

Bottom line…. If you are going to call yourself an affiliate marketer… you need to market!

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Reasons People Fail


Here are two main reasons people fail at affiliate marketing

1: They are frightened to fail!

Most people are NOT suited for Affiliate Marketing….I know that flies in the face of  what you may have been told in the past.. but it’s true.

Most people are looking for fast easy cash. We live in an instant gratification society. A ‘flick a switch’, ‘turn it on’ world where if it’s worth having, it’s worth having now!

The thing is….. Affiliate Marketing (apart from the odd exception that proves the rule) takes time and effort to establish a foundation for success. It is not a ‘get rich quick’ silver bullet.

In fact, many of those who now talk of their success, who can demonstrate tens of thousands a month in profit, will willingly tell you that for some time they failed.  Do you know the saying….

“Failure is not an option, it’s a surefire certainty!”

Well that is so true of Affiliate Marketing.  To succeed you have to be prepared to fail, learn from your failures, experiment, and may be fail again, before you get the right results. Success is built on the foundation of failure.

The problem is that most people are not prepared to fail. They are not prepared to spend money trying different approaches. They are prepared to invest the time learning and adapting.

It may be that you are reading this blog because you have tried Affiliate Marketing and failed….but failing does not make you a failure, giving up does.

So, if you have failed, but still fighting to make a success of Affiliate Marketing, then you have already cut yourself apart from the majority, who give up rather than keep going and chalking failure up to experience and consider each one a step towards success.

Investment Pic

Investment Pic

2: They are not prepared to invest

Its true that you can start an online business for next to nothing… you can, for instance build a business around Facebook, but it is rare that this on it’s own will bring success. For the most part there are three things that require an investment of time and money.

Education…. Again you can get free education by searching Youtube and signing up to free webinars. But this will only take you so far. To ensure that you have a well-rounded, systematic,  and effective education you will need to be prepared to invest in your training. This may be a few dollars at the bottom end through to tens of thousands at the top end.

However, education is essential to your success, and investing some cash getting the inside scoop on a proven, profitable system can really help take you to the next level.

If you are wondering what level that might be, based on where you are at in your online journey, why not take our fun simple Affiliate Marketing Bird quiz? Answer a few questions about what you are looking to achieve and what you are prepared to invest and discover if you are destined to soar with the Eagles or be forever scratching around for worms with the turkeys.


There are some essential tools that every Affiliate Marketer needs if they are going to make a sustainable business. The most important will be website hosting, so you are able to control your own brand identity. An autoresponder, so that you can be automatically emailing your crowing list of subscribers, relentlessly moving them from prospect to customer to client.


Whilst it is not necessary to pay for visitors to your offer, it is undeniable that paid for traffic is an effective strategy to speed up the acquisition of opt in to your list. A regular monthly spend on advers, solo ads, or banners will make a huge difference to the speed at which you crow a critical mass of followers and subscribers.


Dont for get to take the quiz!    Affiliate Marketing Bird quiz

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Making Money Online—- Not for the Weak and Lazy

There is money to be made in Online Marketing

Over the last few years it has become very apparent that the internet has transformed the way we go about our daily lives. It is amazing how many companies have gone to the wall because of our shopping habits. Where once there was a BlockBusters in every town, now there is Amazon Prime, Netflix, Google Play and the like in almost every living room. Its just one example of how our daily lives, and how we choose to shop, has changed.

Creditcard IconWith the growth of online shopping, has come a gigantic growth in home business, laptop business and ecommerce entrepreneurs making a mint on line. I am sure you have seen them. Some are fake, yes, but many are not. Indeed I have met with a number who make hundreds of thousands a year online.

But what about you?

The chances you are reading my blog because you are looking for more income. You want to get a bit of the ecommerce action. You want to make money online.

You are scouring the internet for something that will provide more money and give you more time for what YOU really want to do. Be that retire early, provide for your kids, enjoy more free time or take the holidays that today you can only dream of.

I know what that feels like. I too have spent hours and money looking at many different ways to succeed with internet marketing. Well today I can save you so much of that heartache.

Meet up iconRemember what I said about meeting up with successful entrepreneurs? Well I decided about a year ago to stop messing around at this, and to pay for a mentor to guide me through this minefield. I spent thousands of dollars with him, and what he has taught me has opened my eyes to how people really make money online. The first thing you need to know is that it takes time and commitment to make it online. Maybe not as much time as you might thing, but probably more commitment that you can image right now. It means taking targeted DAILY action.

Good News

The good news is that Dean Holland, my mentor, has put together some great new, up to date, laser focused training. To promote the new training he is looking to get testimonials from Internet Marketing Newbies, you know, things like

‘I really did not know how to start making money online, but this training took me step by step through what I needed to do and after 4 months I had my first $1000 commission day!”

To do this Dean is allowing a small number of us to give away this training for free!. ..

So if you want one of the free USB sticks containing this brilliant training, follow this link now before they all go!
The Perfect Offer.PerfectOffer


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