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What happened yesterday?

Yesterday I attended the first webinar of my 30 day challenge to generate $100 a day. The webinar concentrated on the first step in the process and set us our first challenge!

We were told that the first step is to start laying the foundations of your business. Most important in that, is to have a point of presence on the internet, a blog, where you can provide updates and posts and people can interact with you.

Blog ImageWhy though?

The internet has fast evolved from being a knowledge sharing platform, to being a social engagement platform. Everyone now stars in their own small soap opera. We broadcast and consume vast amounts of  ‘I did this, they did that, look at me, what do you think, here I am again, what you doing’ storied type information. And we LOVE it!

We don’t want to be lectured at, we want to be entertained. We don’t want to be ‘sold to’, we want to be engaged.

A blog is a great place to do that.

Engagement (views and comments) may be slow at first, but over time, if you stick at it, provide interesting and helpful comment, and above all, tell an honest story, it will find a following, you will build a tribe!

The  ‘K > L > T’  equation

I believe that by helping other achieve their success online, I can achieve mine! I honestly believe that the products and courses I promote add significant value and will help people make money online. But frankly, what I believe is worth diddly squat! What is important is what others believe about what I am offering.

There is a proven equation that goes like this

K L T = E (E=S)

First people need to get to Know you….and the blog is one route to enable people to get to know you.Engagement Increases image

Then they need to Like you and your message…. If you fail to resonate with them (and we all fail to resonate with at least some people) then they will probably simply fade away. If however they like you and your message, they will continue to consume you posts and messages.

After a while, as you continue to act ethically and provide value, people will get to Trust you.

At this point, the level of positive Engagement will increase. Engagement, will lead to sales. If you have something of value, that helps people meet a need they have, then as they get to Know Like and Trust you, you will see sales of those products.


So…. If you are following along, what you need to do now is build a blog. If you are not sure how, or want help, then just email me at, and if I can, I will be glad to help

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