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Money! Cash flow! That’s the issue for us at the moment.  I had no idea how quickly money would flow out and how slowly money would come in.


It has always been our intention to fund the majority of the build from our pension money. We plan to replace that pension money from our affiliate marketing earning. The funds from the pensions will get us past the first stage of the building work. It will provide enough money for a new roof, new internal walls, drainage, sewerage, electricity and even the new floors (we hope). The remaining work we need to fund from our earnings.

The trouble has been that whilst our two small pensions paid out fairly quickly, our larger pension is less forthcoming. It is administered through an investment fund and they seem to be dragging their heels. They wanted to get a valuation first. Then there were forms to send us.  Next, they wanted a call to explain all the implications of taking the funds now. They seem to have no end of reasons to delay actually sending us the money!

Finally, I have demanded that they just release the funds!  They have now sent us the final forms to start the process of releasing our money. It looks like we are going to run out of cash in about two weeks when we have a large bill to pay for roof timbers and tiles! It’s so frustrating, the money is there, we asked for it before Christmas. It looks like we won’t get it now till after Easter.

Don’t get an Architect!

Floor plan imageI made the mistake of getting an architect, Malcolm! He is actually very good and has made such an impact on our plans. Malcolm took our crude floor plans and adapted them to make better use of the space. He suggested we build a mezzanine floor over two-thirds of the building. This will house an extra bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom and office space for Tanya and I.  His design is brilliant and too good to pass up. We need to raise the gable walls a little, use more and stronger beams to support the floor and add roof lights we did not need before. It all adds to the cost.

It is very easy to see how this whole thing has grown beyond my expectation and why the money is gushing out.

Time is money!

In the same way that the building project is growing, so is our Affiliate Marketing business. Just as Malc (our Architect) has added huge value to the building project, our coach, Dean, is also adding value, but again at a cost! This time the cost is time. Dean has been working on a great new training program called ‘Ignite’. You can see my review of it on Youtube here (Ignite Review). This course is going into testing on Monday and then fine tuning over the next couple of weeks. As a result, it’s all hands to the pumps as we create some advertising material for the course. I will be producing some videos and some static adverts to drive visitors to the course. In order to pre-frame the course, I shall also be working with Dean to create a free co-hosted webinar. It’s all more than we first thought and is both exciting and time-consuming at the same time.

Affiliate Training Course

The way this training video will work is that students will sign up to do the course, and can only proceed for one module to the next if they complete a knowledge review. Its a great concept and particularly for those new to Affiliate Marketing as it is so easy to jump in and drown if there is not a mechanism that helps structure and pace the information being shared.  As I say this is still being fined tuned and so I don’t want to say to much about it now (but it will be a fantastic course though and I will say more when it’s fully ready).

So all in all busy times.

 Like-minded Individuals

I hope this makes sense and that you now have a better idea of what we are doing. The first step in us building this online business is to gain an audience, in effect to lay the foundation for all that follows. That is what we are doing with this blog and what we will be doing with the webinar. By being open and honest in sharing our journey, we are hoping to attract like-minded people who also want to take this route to making an income.

If you want to know more, be informed when the webinar is ready or get sent more information on what we are doing then please comment below. Remember, Tanya and I are real people, were not over the top ‘RaRa’ merchants or conmen, and we are interested to hear your story.

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