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Don’t Get Scammed

Quite excited at the moment… I have just booked a flight to go out and visit my brother in darkest Peru! We are going to explore the north of the country for a week. We think we will make a road trip of it. But it nearly didn’t happen. In one sense I am glad there was a hiccup cause it made me think about how easily we can get fooled online and what can be done to avoid getting scammed, more about that in a moment…but first let me tell you what happened..

I decided to pop out to see my brother over the Christmas holidays, and had found a fantastic flight deal. It was significantly lower than other you see my credit card got flagged by the Bank’s security system. The flight was being held till 7pm, it was the last seat (and I had already had to push the trip back three days as earlier flights were full) It was 10 to seven and I was on the phone to the bank! I don’t mind really, it’s my money they are protecting, and I cleared the whole thing with 2 minutes to spare.

This though was following a close shave the night before. I was researching flights and came a cross one of those ‘too good to be true’ offers. The flight was about £800 cheaper than other’s I had seen. The flight details checked out in terms of airline and times etc. So I thought I was onto a winner. Just to be sure I checked with the airline to see if the promised seats were available, and guess what…the flight was oversubscribed. So I checked the company that was offering the flights out on TrustPilot, a great site to get the views of other consumers. It was an eye opener. Apparently this company has a habit of selling ‘ghost tickets’ (I had never even heard of the term), basically seats that don’t exist. Their T&C’s state that they can change the flight at any time and the passenger has to pay the fare difference. A good old fashioned bait and switch con! There was report after report of people being told last minute that they now had to pay extra for their flights.

That got me thinking about a message I got this week from someone in our Facebook group, it was asking if what we were promoting was ‘legit’ as she had fallen for scams in the past. And quite frankly, it’s a great question more people should be asking, particularly before investing in an online business.

So let me give you a few tips to avoiding getting scammed when looking for online opportunities.

Number 1, Remember there is no ‘Magic Money Tree’. Making money online takes time and effort and in 99% of cases requires an investment of BOTH time and money. Anyone offering you buckets of money for little to no effort or cost is not being honest. Avoid them

Next, do some research on the company, product of person offering you the opportunity. Do a google search and see what comes up E.g. “Wonder Widget Gold Mine”. Try again, but this time add the word review and then again with the word scam. See what comes up. Remember that not every bad review will be honest or balanced, but a consistent bad message should ring alarm bells.

Talk to the person offering the opportunity via skype, email or messenger, get a feel for who they are and how contactable they are.

If they have a Facebook page, go and have a look and see what the conversations are like.

In the first instance only invest what you can afford to lose and see how you get on, most Affiliate Marketing programme have fee or low cost entry points.

But finally, remember that you can also con yourself. Failing to put on the effort and follow the process, then blaming the system is akin to scamming yourself.

Hope you found this helpful.

Talk Soon.

Tony and Tanya

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My Loss…. Your Gain

There we were, 1 hour into a 5-and-a-half-hour drive across country to visit the grand kids and we had just stopped for a coffee and some petrol. As I looked around, the shop my eyes landed on a great music CD…Peter Sellers ‘Goodness Gracious Me!

Peter Sellers CD Cover

Turns out this was not a great move! In a moment I will tell you how you can benefit from my mistake.

You can watch the Video version of this email here….

You probably need to be of a certain age to appreciate the classics on this masterpiece of musical comedy…’Bangers and Mash’, ‘Grandpa’s Grave’, ‘Setting fire to the policeman’,

Not only of a certain age, but of a certain refined and highly tuned sense of humour, and whilst I clearly possess this rare quality, Tanya… well…. Doesn’t! Not to put too fine a point on it, she is a miserable old goat!

There we were, sat in the car, about to set off for a few hours together, stuck in a close proximity, with the prospect of me sniggering away for a hour or so of pure musical mirth and mayhem, and Tanya sitting there stone-faced and looking like she is sucking on a wasp.

So of course, as a sensitive husband, I did not in fact play the CD. Clearly as a loving soulmate I am attune to her every want and desire. Her happiness is my one concern. It would be brutish of me to force the bride of my youth to sit through an hour or so of music she would not enjoy. It would be selfish of me to put my own wants and desires ahead of hers. So I did not play the cd……..

That and the fact that I had forgotten that my present car does not have a CD player! It has Bluetooth, it has a AUX input socket, it has a USB port….but what it does not have is a chuffing CD Player!

So, I had just spent 9.99 and basically was totally unable to use the purchase for the purpose I had planned! What a plonker! Nothing wrong with the CD, just my ability to use it.

So there we were, sat in the car, about to set off for a few hours together, stuck in a close proximity, with the prospect of Tanya looking smug and me looking like I was sucking on a wasp.

It made me think of all the times I had bought a product to help me in my business, only to find that I was not able to use it for one reason or another. It might have taken too much effort to learn. It might have failed to live up to its hype. Whatever the reason it sat on my hard drive as useless as a CD without a player!

And this is good news for you!

You see I have a great piece of training that you can simply put into action, and that helps you build the perfect offer for products or services. BUT…. What say you decide that the training is not for you (why would you say that? You would be crazy to say that!), well no sweat, the training will be sent to you on a 4GB USB memory stick. So even if you cant make use of the training (but I am sure your can) you will still have a USB memory you can use! So my 9.99 cock up has resulted in you being offered today a 9.96 training offer, with free 4GB USB memory stick…. Result!

The Perfect Offer
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Warning signs and chains

We have just come back from a weekend visiting one set of Grandchildren. I know their parents were there too, but they hardly count! We were out and about walking through the grounds of an old slate quarry that we have walked through before. This time though it had changed… and it made me think about our own situation, especially the warning signs and chains. More about that later, but first let me tell you a bit about the place we were walking through.

The Dorothea Quarry used to be a thriving slate quarry, with hundreds of workers, Arial Rope ways, a horse drawn railway and impressive slate cottages and managers mansion, surrounded by man made mountains of broken slate.

These old buildings, the road ways and tunnels were until a few months ago freely accessible to the public. Over grown and Gothic looking, a maze of broken walls, fallen arches, and long forgotten pathways, they added a sense of adventure to or walks with the grandchildren.

As I walked round with the grandchildren tales and games form and reform. There are odd artifacts of bygone years that we can only imagine as to their purpose.
A large metal ring set into the ground must surely lead to a chamber full of treasure, and our disappointment at not being able to dig it out and lift the slab is tempered by the fact that the treasure is almost certainly guarded by a dragon (this is Wales after all!).

A tunnel under the thick slate wall must surely have been a secret entrance into the grand house where the princess came and went without the knowledge of her guards… or may be… it housed a troll or two…

However this weekend, things had changed. Now there is a large vehicle access gate with a chain, there are warning signs all over, the access to buildings and tunnels have been fenced off. The bright black and yellow hazard tape conflicts sharply with the grey slate and dark green ivy.

I fully understand why they have done this, but it is a little sad that the adventure has been curtailed. It’s a sign of the times. Nothing stays the same forever.

This got me thinking about our own life and how it is changing. There does not seem to be the same level of carefree freedom there once was. We are noticing warning signs and chains! Tanya’s recent cancer scare is a good example of how we seem to be seeing warning signs spring up around us. My being told I need to lose weight if I want pass my Diving Medical. We are becoming aware that our retirement is just around the corner, and enjoy it in good health need to take note of the signs and take action.

This certainly means that we are looking towards improving our health and fitness, Tanya has started to take long walks along the estuary and looking at our diet. I am looking to free up time to exercise, probably by kayaking.

But we also recognize the chains that are binding us from enjoying that retirement with the activates and lifestyle we dream of. The biggest of course being Financial. We need to supplement our pension and our chosen vehicle for this is the internet, and in particularly Internet Marketing.

Just like any business, the key to braking our chains is to become profitable, and the key to becoming profitable is to have an irresistible offer people want to buy. Fortunately, we have found one!
If you want to understand how to craft “The Perfect offer” and see ‘cash in hand buyers’ knocking on your door, then I recommend you take up this opportunity to get hold of “The Perfect Offer” training USB. You can find our all about it here….The Perfect Offer

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Droids and Dwarfs Welcome

Affiliate Marketing is like an adventure story….

You start off in a comfortable, know world, where everything is mundane and safe. Think Bilbo Baggins pottering around Bagend. Luke Skywalker, farming in some quite backwater, in a distant galaxy.

So here you are, in your nice safe world, pottering about when… Suddenly…. It is all turned upside down. For you it may not be a bunch of Dwarfs want you to be their burglar. Or a droid with a holographic message for an old man.

It might simply be that you realise that you are getting older, and that if you want to retire to the life you deserve, you need to take action now.

Or you decide, enough is enough and cant be a wage slave any longer, you need time to enjoy the life you have.

Whatever it is, you are thrust, into an adventure that will take you out of your know world, and on a journey into the unknown.

The games is afoot…the journey has started….the adventure is begun…

Trail PictureIf you are lucky, you will have a set of companions to travel  with you. They will share the adventure. They will help you when things get tough. They will encourage you when you are down. They are in this with you.

Almost all adventure stories have this ‘traveling companions’ element.  Indeed, almost all stories would end after chapter three, or seven, or twelve if it were not for the faithful companions.

In fact it is such an important part of success that Tanya and I have set up our own travelling companions page. We have a Facebook group called “Building the dream”. Here, like mined individuals, setting out on the Affiliate Marketing adventure can get together to chat about their journey and offer support and encouragement to one another.

If you are setting out on your own Affiliate Marketing journey, why not join our community of faithful companions (dwarfs and droids welcome). You can sign up here: Building the dream”

As the intrepid adventures move from the known into the unknow, they need, along with their companions, a wise and powerful guide.  They need a Gandalf or an Obi Wan Kenobi. The journey is likely to have many false trails, trials and pitfalls, a wise guide is essential if they are to keep on track.

The Affiliate Marketing journey is no different. There is much to confuse and deflect newbies as they start out. It is true that some solo travellers make it through to success, its true that some groups do… but by far the most successful Affiliate Marketers are those that have a coach or mentor. We have often mentioned our own coach and mentor Dan Holland. There are others. The one thing they all bring to
the table is wisdom and guidance based on their experience of treading the path we are on and learning the way to success.

Even with companions and guides, the hero of any good adventure story will get in to dark and dangerous situations.  However, it is often in these darkest moments that the most valuable items are found. Bilbo’s
ring is discovered in the dark cold depths of Misty Mountain, with danger all around. Luke was faced with one desperate last chance to save the planet from the Death Star when he truly found the power of the force.

It is sometimes as we struggle with most difficult tasks that we discover the most valuable lessons in affiliate marketing. Getting over that fear of appearing on video, and experiencing the incredible power of being ableto connect with people through a live broadcast. Overcoming the technical challenges of an auto responder you have spent hours battling, to be suddenly enabled to put your email marketing on to an automated turbo boost!

Hero picFinally, for our hero, there is the achievement of their quest, the realisation of their goals, and the chance to rest at the end of the journey.

They set out, encouraged by their companions, guided by a master, fought through trials and tribulations and eventually obtained so much more than they could have ever imagined.

If you are looking to become a hero in your own Affiliate Marketing Adventure Story, then we would love to join you as companions and guides.

Pop over to our Facebook Group Building the Dream at Building the dream”


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How much will it cost to get started?

My last blog post prompted a great question… but not one that is easy to answer.

How much to start?

Asking how much it costs to get started in affiliate marketing is a bit like asking, how much it costs buy a car. There are just so many options. Let me do my best to price up a few options for you.

Option 1 – No Cash Investment – Heavy Time Investment

Assuming you have a PC, internet and are going to do all the work yourself… the cheapest option could be as little as no cash cost, just a big investment of time.

You could, for example, look for products to promote that pay a commission. Search for “affiliate programmes” to find a host of companies offering the change to promote their products.

You could also search of platforms such as “JVzoo” and “Clickbank” for products. You may find with some affiliate programmes you have to qaulify first. You have to have sold a set number of other products before a seller will let you promote their products.

Once you have a product, you could set up a twitter account, free blog account, Facebook Group, YouTube channel, etc. There are loads of platforms you can use to promote the products(s) and see commissions come in.

This can take a lot of work as you need to be putting your offer before hundreds if not thousands of people.

Get some basic training free

For free training on the basics of Affiliate Marketing check out my short video presentation

Affiliate Marketing Basics

If you want someone to one help with this, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

Option 2 – Little Cash Investment ($10 – $99) – Heavy Time Investment

Another option would be to spend a little money to get a head start. A few dollars will get you either some training, or entry to a proven affiliate marketing programme, or both.

This will help you understand some of the more of the demands of Affiliate Marketing. It can give you  a good start in actually promoting a product and seeing commissions.

You can of course search for these sorts of things, but I highly recommend the following. It is real cheap (under $10) and provides a really sound basis for starting an affiliate programme. It provides you access to some great training. It allows you to promote the product you have just bought (If you feel it has delivered exceptional value, then why not share that?). It provides you with graphics you can use in your advertising and a set of emails you can send to prospective buyers.

Great Value

It is called “Commission Cartel
I myself promote this programme (indeed here I am promoting it to you) and earn a commission from everyone that buys through this link  Commission Cartel

Option 3 – More Cash Investment ($300 – $9,000) – lower Time Investment

At the top end of the ‘just getting started’ spectrum are the ‘Done For You’ packages and the Coaching packages.
At this level you can find companies that train you up on a system, have multiple products to sell, will build you website or blog for you and give you ongoing help and coaching.

This was the level that Tanya and I got started at. We had out blog set up, we followed a structured training course, and we have a raft of products we can promote that bring us commissions ranging from $1 to $1000 a sale.

I believe that to see the worth of these types of programmes, if you are just starting, it helps to go through a number of stages.
If you were interested in this type of thing, then I would recommend, as a first step, signing up to listen to a webinar I got my coach and mentor Dean Holland to record for me. You can access it for free here…

Happy to chat

I hope this helps answer your question. I realise it’s a bit general, but I am willing to chat with you one to one to work out exactly what you are trying to achieve and help you decide on the best path to follow

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