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How much will it cost to get started?

My last blog post prompted a great question… but not one that is easy to answer.

How much to start?

Asking how much it costs to get started in affiliate marketing is a bit like asking, how much it costs buy a car. There are just so many options. Let me do my best to price up a few options for you.

Option 1 – No Cash Investment – Heavy Time Investment

Assuming you have a PC, internet and are going to do all the work yourself… the cheapest option could be as little as no cash cost, just a big investment of time.

You could, for example, look for products to promote that pay a commission. Search for “affiliate programmes” to find a host of companies offering the change to promote their products.

You could also search of platforms such as “JVzoo” and “Clickbank” for products. You may find with some affiliate programmes you have to qaulify first. You have to have sold a set number of other products before a seller will let you promote their products.

Once you have a product, you could set up a twitter account, free blog account, Facebook Group, YouTube channel, etc. There are loads of platforms you can use to promote the products(s) and see commissions come in.

This can take a lot of work as you need to be putting your offer before hundreds if not thousands of people.

Get some basic training free

For free training on the basics of Affiliate Marketing check out my short video presentation

Affiliate Marketing Basics

If you want someone to one help with this, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

Option 2 – Little Cash Investment ($10 – $99) – Heavy Time Investment

Another option would be to spend a little money to get a head start. A few dollars will get you either some training, or entry to a proven affiliate marketing programme, or both.

This will help you understand some of the more of the demands of Affiliate Marketing. It can give you  a good start in actually promoting a product and seeing commissions.

You can of course search for these sorts of things, but I highly recommend the following. It is real cheap (under $10) and provides a really sound basis for starting an affiliate programme. It provides you access to some great training. It allows you to promote the product you have just bought (If you feel it has delivered exceptional value, then why not share that?). It provides you with graphics you can use in your advertising and a set of emails you can send to prospective buyers.

Great Value

It is called “Commission Cartel
I myself promote this programme (indeed here I am promoting it to you) and earn a commission from everyone that buys through this link  Commission Cartel

Option 3 – More Cash Investment ($300 – $9,000) – lower Time Investment

At the top end of the ‘just getting started’ spectrum are the ‘Done For You’ packages and the Coaching packages.
At this level you can find companies that train you up on a system, have multiple products to sell, will build you website or blog for you and give you ongoing help and coaching.

This was the level that Tanya and I got started at. We had out blog set up, we followed a structured training course, and we have a raft of products we can promote that bring us commissions ranging from $1 to $1000 a sale.

I believe that to see the worth of these types of programmes, if you are just starting, it helps to go through a number of stages.
If you were interested in this type of thing, then I would recommend, as a first step, signing up to listen to a webinar I got my coach and mentor Dean Holland to record for me. You can access it for free here…

Happy to chat

I hope this helps answer your question. I realise it’s a bit general, but I am willing to chat with you one to one to work out exactly what you are trying to achieve and help you decide on the best path to follow

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Lies, Damn Lies and Affiliate Marketers

How can people say this stuff?

What really gets my goat? Its when  I see some of the stupid, dishonest and just plain wrong claims that some Online Marketers make.

Be they outlandish ‘get rich quick’ claims. Or ‘Silver bullet’ claims that this that or the other product is the ONE thing you need to succeed.
Or simply outdated or wrong claims, like “You need to crack SEO to make it online”

It simply makes me mad!

And this over hyping and lying is really not helpful. It not only gives Internet Marketing a bad name, it also means that many who should be successful, get ripped off, fail, and give up. It really makes me mad. Its such a waste! And there is no need for it.   The lying is totally unacceptable..


So here are some home truths….

  • There are no magic beans… Jack was conned!
  • There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • The tooth fairy is out of work since the trade in Ivory is now illegal in most countries.


  • You can make money online, honestly, ethically and consistently…. if you do it right.
  • You don’t have to have tons of money to invest if  you are prepared to put the work into a proven workable and profitable system.
  • Investing in the right things can speed up your journey to profitability, if done right, but will fast lead to ruin if done wrong.

Tanya and I are living proof that you can start as complete beginners, and learn the right way to make a success of internet marketing.

We are not millionaires, we are not making thousands a month (yet), but we are on the way and we are generating hundreds a month in commissions right now.

We have learned so much, and we are willing to share what we know, so…. if you want to find out more what we are doing… the truthful, unadorned version of how a couple nearing retirement are making a go of internet marketing then do follow us on Facebook

You can find us here


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A genuine offer of help…

What do you want?

Seriously, what do you want, what do you need to succeed?

I am asking, because, genuinely, if it is in my gift to help, I will gladly and freely do so.

But before we go much further, let me address the elephant in the room….

What’s the catch?

Why would I do this if I was not after your money?  That’s what you are thinking right?

Well, truth be told, I don’t really care about YOUR money. Yes of course I am in this to make money, but, honestly if it is yours or from someone else, I don’t really care. If it is now or later I don’t really care. Right here, right now, I am not thinking about the money I am thinking, what can I do to help you.

Let me give you a recent example.frustration

I was talking to someone who was having an issue setting up WordPress. He had some training videos, but was struggling to follow them. He was saying, “They say click this and then select that, but they were moving so fast I could not follow. OK I said, let me produce you a step by step, screen shot and instruction PDF. Which was exactly what I did. No cost, not catch. BUT…. I now have a step by step PDF of ow to post a blog in WordPress that I can put into a resource library and use as a free giveaway… so I benefit and so do they.

So, you can see, I can get an immediate benefit. But there is also a longer-term benefit. This guy will now trust me and eventually may well buy from me.
So, there you have it…. That’s the catch

Right, back to you…. How can I help?

What is it that you need to get started and to make money online? What’s difficult for you? What are you stuck with? What don’t you understand? What are you suspicious of?

What is it that makes you sign up to email lists, click on ‘make money online’ buttons, search for tips and training on how to succeed, but stops you from reaching your goals.

So this is a genuine offer, how can I help you. What do you need?

But…. before you tell me here are the boundaries I am working within…

I am not simply going to give you money…. all my give away money has been sent to a Nigerian Prince who needed help transferring his late Uncles gold!
I am not going to do all the work for you, like for instance write 30 follow up emails for you. I am busy writing my own daily emails ….
But …
I will gladly talk to you via PM, email or a Skype call to understand what you are struggling with.
I will share my knowledge and understanding and help you move forward if I possibly can
I will invest some of my own time to ensure that anything I do for you is truly helpful and not just a quick fix that is little more than a band aid.

Just Ask!

Ask neon signSo what is it…..
Is it a lack of understanding of the principals Affiliate Marketing? Are you new to this and just need some pointers to understand what it’s all about?

Is it a technical issue you need to understand, for example, you have an email responder, but can’t work out how to set up a campaign, or you don’t know how to grab royalty free images to use in your adverts and publications?

Is it motivational, you simply have lost the drive to make this all happen. You tried, failed and have given up?

I don’t know your particular need, I don’t know if I can help, but I do know that I am willing to help wherever I reasonable can.

Why not put this offer to the test and either leave a comment, or email me at and see if I am true to my word?

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The ‘Google system’ for Affiliate newbies


Google is an amazing tool, I mean, incredible. To think that the first housing for the google data drives was made out of Lego bricks by two students, its mind blowing. In fact it has become part of our daily lives. At work I often get told,”Hey, Tony, I am one google ahead of you”, or “Just GTS” (Google That Stuff)

Lets face it, if you are new to Affiliate Marketing, or been trying for a while but not succeeding, then you are probably looking to Google for answers!

Getting started is the first step, it can be a challenge in its self, but getting started and making money, boy that’s a whole other ball game.

So, if you were going to google all the different things you need to get started and make money, you would need to search for…

“Affiliate Products to sell”

I have just done that and come up with just over 78,000 results. Wow… best of luck searching through that Haystack for the needle that works!

“Marketing affiliate products”

85,000 results. At least there is plenty of information out there on how to market the products you choose, but really? 85,000 individual pieces of information on marketing Affiliate products, these will include systems, tools, processes, training videos webinar and a host of other items

“Generating traffic”

384,000 results, that’s a whole lot of ‘how to generate traffic’. Generating traffic to your offers is the lifeblood of affiliate marketing, and you have just opened a floodgate of information, much of which is outdated, ill-conceived or just plain wrong.

“email swipes”,

49,100 items returned!

“web Banners”

2,770,000, results!

google search picYou get the point, right?… You could so easily get lost in all this research.

Its alright trying to Google your way to success, but it is such hard work and so many fall along the way, crushed under the sheer bulk of the information available

So that why I am happy to be promoting this system. I call it the google system for Affiliate newbies. That’s not what it is really called, so why do I call it the Google System,, Because it’s got all you are searching for.
It really has got all you need to get started and earn money online.

For a ridiculously low price you get some great training so that you know exactly what its all about, you get a blue print to follow, a proven path to generating traffic for your offers, you get email swipes that you can use to craft your own emails, using headlines and copy that is proven to work. You get ready made website banners to use as Facebook ads, display on your blog, add to the end of videos and a load of other uses. Basically it has all the answers you are looking for.

So the choice is yours, you can keep searching Google, looking for that elusive answer, or you can grab this system, and get started making money today.

Check out this system here   Google System For Affiliates



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Drinking from the fire hose

Drinking from the fire hose…. Know the feeling?

I was talking to a friend tonight about his online marketing efforts. He was saying that there was just so much to take in and learn. For example, he wants to sell a product online, but is struggling with the whole online payment processing set up.

The product is an aid to those that play brass instruments like the trombone or trumpet. This is his own invention, that was born out of his own bitter experience. He had fallen from a stage at a gig, damaged his mouth, and was told that he would never play professionally again.  Not one to quit easily, he invented a device that allowed him to play professionally again. I tell you this so you understand that he is not stupid, and not a quitter.

Easy steps

So we were chatting about this issue, and with his affiliate marketing efforts. He likened the getting started process to drinking from a fire hose. He really wanted to be given plastic cup sized help! He went on to mentioned something I had helped him with in the past. When he was setting up his affiliate marketing blog, he had got confused with the setup of WordPress and struggling with updating his posts. I had created a simple step by step PDF with screen shots to show him exactly what to do. He loved it.

Fire Hose Sign

He had struggled for a while, he was not a quitter, but he just needed someone to take the time to help him. Someone to make things clear and simple for him. Once he had something he could refer to, a step by step guide, he was off.

As we talked about his Affiliate Marketing business, he was again saying how he knows what he has to do…it’s just sometimes it can get overwhelming. He was asking me what I could do to help him move forward and get past the ‘getting started’ investment of time and learning. Funnily enough, I had just been looking at something that I thought would be perfect for him.

Created by one of the ‘Super Affiliates’, the guys who are making tens of thousands a month with affiliate marketing, this product offer an incredibly easy, step by step processes and includes, video and audible

training, done for you emails, website banners and a blue print for action to fast track your getting started making money… and for a cost that will surprise you I am sure.

I recommended this to him and he jumped at it… if you want to find out more, just follow this link…







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