Droids and Dwarfs Welcome

Affiliate Marketing is like an adventure story….

You start off in a comfortable, know world, where everything is mundane and safe. Think Bilbo Baggins pottering around Bagend. Luke Skywalker, farming in some quite backwater, in a distant galaxy.

So here you are, in your nice safe world, pottering about when… Suddenly…. It is all turned upside down. For you it may not be a bunch of Dwarfs want you to be their burglar. Or a droid with a holographic message for an old man.

It might simply be that you realise that you are getting older, and that if you want to retire to the life you deserve, you need to take action now.

Or you decide, enough is enough and cant be a wage slave any longer, you need time to enjoy the life you have.

Whatever it is, you are thrust, into an adventure that will take you out of your know world, and on a journey into the unknown.

The games is afoot…the journey has started….the adventure is begun…

Trail PictureIf you are lucky, you will have a set of companions to travel  with you. They will share the adventure. They will help you when things get tough. They will encourage you when you are down. They are in this with you.

Almost all adventure stories have this ‘traveling companions’ element.  Indeed, almost all stories would end after chapter three, or seven, or twelve if it were not for the faithful companions.

In fact it is such an important part of success that Tanya and I have set up our own travelling companions page. We have a Facebook group called “Building the dream”. Here, like mined individuals, setting out on the Affiliate Marketing adventure can get together to chat about their journey and offer support and encouragement to one another.

If you are setting out on your own Affiliate Marketing journey, why not join our community of faithful companions (dwarfs and droids welcome). You can sign up here: Building the dream”

As the intrepid adventures move from the known into the unknow, they need, along with their companions, a wise and powerful guide.  They need a Gandalf or an Obi Wan Kenobi. The journey is likely to have many false trails, trials and pitfalls, a wise guide is essential if they are to keep on track.

The Affiliate Marketing journey is no different. There is much to confuse and deflect newbies as they start out. It is true that some solo travellers make it through to success, its true that some groups do… but by far the most successful Affiliate Marketers are those that have a coach or mentor. We have often mentioned our own coach and mentor Dan Holland. There are others. The one thing they all bring to
the table is wisdom and guidance based on their experience of treading the path we are on and learning the way to success.

Even with companions and guides, the hero of any good adventure story will get in to dark and dangerous situations.  However, it is often in these darkest moments that the most valuable items are found. Bilbo’s
ring is discovered in the dark cold depths of Misty Mountain, with danger all around. Luke was faced with one desperate last chance to save the planet from the Death Star when he truly found the power of the force.

It is sometimes as we struggle with most difficult tasks that we discover the most valuable lessons in affiliate marketing. Getting over that fear of appearing on video, and experiencing the incredible power of being ableto connect with people through a live broadcast. Overcoming the technical challenges of an auto responder you have spent hours battling, to be suddenly enabled to put your email marketing on to an automated turbo boost!

Hero picFinally, for our hero, there is the achievement of their quest, the realisation of their goals, and the chance to rest at the end of the journey.

They set out, encouraged by their companions, guided by a master, fought through trials and tribulations and eventually obtained so much more than they could have ever imagined.

If you are looking to become a hero in your own Affiliate Marketing Adventure Story, then we would love to join you as companions and guides.

Pop over to our Facebook Group Building the Dream at Building the dream”


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