Drinking from the fire hose

Drinking from the fire hose…. Know the feeling?

I was talking to a friend tonight about his online marketing efforts. He was saying that there was just so much to take in and learn. For example, he wants to sell a product online, but is struggling with the whole online payment processing set up.

The product is an aid to those that play brass instruments like the trombone or trumpet. This is his own invention, that was born out of his own bitter experience. He had fallen from a stage at a gig, damaged his mouth, and was told that he would never play professionally again.  Not one to quit easily, he invented a device that allowed him to play professionally again. I tell you this so you understand that he is not stupid, and not a quitter.

Easy steps

So we were chatting about this issue, and with his affiliate marketing efforts. He likened the getting started process to drinking from a fire hose. He really wanted to be given plastic cup sized help! He went on to mentioned something I had helped him with in the past. When he was setting up his affiliate marketing blog, he had got confused with the setup of WordPress and struggling with updating his posts. I had created a simple step by step PDF with screen shots to show him exactly what to do. He loved it.

Fire Hose Sign

He had struggled for a while, he was not a quitter, but he just needed someone to take the time to help him. Someone to make things clear and simple for him. Once he had something he could refer to, a step by step guide, he was off.

As we talked about his Affiliate Marketing business, he was again saying how he knows what he has to do…it’s just sometimes it can get overwhelming. He was asking me what I could do to help him move forward and get past the ‘getting started’ investment of time and learning. Funnily enough, I had just been looking at something that I thought would be perfect for him.

Created by one of the ‘Super Affiliates’, the guys who are making tens of thousands a month with affiliate marketing, this product offer an incredibly easy, step by step processes and includes, video and audible

training, done for you emails, website banners and a blue print for action to fast track your getting started making money… and for a cost that will surprise you I am sure.

I recommended this to him and he jumped at it… if you want to find out more, just follow this link…








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