A genuine offer of help…

What do you want?

Seriously, what do you want, what do you need to succeed?

I am asking, because, genuinely, if it is in my gift to help, I will gladly and freely do so.

But before we go much further, let me address the elephant in the room….

What’s the catch?

Why would I do this if I was not after your money?  That’s what you are thinking right?

Well, truth be told, I don’t really care about YOUR money. Yes of course I am in this to make money, but, honestly if it is yours or from someone else, I don’t really care. If it is now or later I don’t really care. Right here, right now, I am not thinking about the money I am thinking, what can I do to help you.

Let me give you a recent example.frustration

I was talking to someone who was having an issue setting up WordPress. He had some training videos, but was struggling to follow them. He was saying, “They say click this and then select that, but they were moving so fast I could not follow. OK I said, let me produce you a step by step, screen shot and instruction PDF. Which was exactly what I did. No cost, not catch. BUT…. I now have a step by step PDF of ow to post a blog in WordPress that I can put into a resource library and use as a free giveaway… so I benefit and so do they.

So, you can see, I can get an immediate benefit. But there is also a longer-term benefit. This guy will now trust me and eventually may well buy from me.
So, there you have it…. That’s the catch

Right, back to you…. How can I help?

What is it that you need to get started and to make money online? What’s difficult for you? What are you stuck with? What don’t you understand? What are you suspicious of?

What is it that makes you sign up to email lists, click on ‘make money online’ buttons, search for tips and training on how to succeed, but stops you from reaching your goals.

So this is a genuine offer, how can I help you. What do you need?

But…. before you tell me here are the boundaries I am working within…

I am not simply going to give you money…. all my give away money has been sent to a Nigerian Prince who needed help transferring his late Uncles gold!
I am not going to do all the work for you, like for instance write 30 follow up emails for you. I am busy writing my own daily emails ….
But …
I will gladly talk to you via PM, email or a Skype call to understand what you are struggling with.
I will share my knowledge and understanding and help you move forward if I possibly can
I will invest some of my own time to ensure that anything I do for you is truly helpful and not just a quick fix that is little more than a band aid.

Just Ask!

Ask neon signSo what is it…..
Is it a lack of understanding of the principals Affiliate Marketing? Are you new to this and just need some pointers to understand what it’s all about?

Is it a technical issue you need to understand, for example, you have an email responder, but can’t work out how to set up a campaign, or you don’t know how to grab royalty free images to use in your adverts and publications?

Is it motivational, you simply have lost the drive to make this all happen. You tried, failed and have given up?

I don’t know your particular need, I don’t know if I can help, but I do know that I am willing to help wherever I reasonable can.

Why not put this offer to the test and either leave a comment, or email me at Tony@tonyandtanyaonline.com and see if I am true to my word?

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Tony and Tanya