Give yourself the best chance of success

Give yourself the best chance of success!

Sometimes, what you want most, is actually much more in your own gift than you might think. You see, you really do make your own luck! Or rather your success is dependent on your ability to recognise and seize opportunity.

To give yourself the best chance of getting what you want, you first have to know what it is you want. I mean though, really know what you want. You must know what you really want, what your true heart’s desire is.


pensWrite it down

Then you absolutely must write it down. There is a strange power in the written  word… it is almost as if the act of writing down you dream is in effected writing a contract. One written, its is there, in plain sight…. The act of writing it down is a powerful commitment.


Have a plan

Then write a plan and stick to it. In some respects, the simpler the plan the better. It needs to be a robust plan, but not overly complicated. Or a while I experimented with a whole range of activities, seeing which resonated with me, which worked, which did not. I now have a simple plan of action that seems to be working. For me the plan is simply, Record a Facebook live (like now), I then upload the video to Facebook. I write a blog about what I have just spoken about and embed the video in the blog. I then take a cutdown version of the blog and send it out as an email.   I have seen a significant increase in sales since I started sticking to this plan.


Take Action

Once you have the plan, Take Action on it….you will be surprised how many people get all the way down this route, but stop short of actually taking action. Simple, manageable steps that support your plan is what is required. Don’t take on more than you can manage, but do take as much, targeted, effective action as you can.


dont give upPersevere

The key to successful action is perseverance.  You need to keep going. You never know how close you are to making that break through. It would be so sad to take daily effort, to follow your plan, and then lose heart, run out of steam and give up just before you succeed. I am not advocating blindly following a route that is not succeeding, but rather that you keep on working towards your goals and pushing through the pain points.



In relation to those pain points, be prepared to experiment. If something is not working, tweak it. If it continues to fail, try a new approach. If you see a new angle, experiment in a small way before jumping in feet first.

As with most things in life, to succeed you need to invest. Time, effort money.. you need to be prepared to invest. It is generally true that the things that cost nothing are worth little. Be prepared to invest in your education. As a SCUBA diver I have a host of qualifications, (I hold a Nitrox qualification allowing me to dive on enriched air, I have a wreck diving qualification, I am a rescue diver and a whole bag full of other qualifications). To obtain these I had to buy educational material, pay for training, invest time in study and practice. To keep some of them I have to requalify periodically. I tell you this to illustrate the point that to get what you want you have to invest.


Work Hard

All of this is tied together by the crimson thread of hard work. To be a success takes hard work. The more work, targeted and in line with the plan, the sooner the goal will be achieved. You must simply keep your eye on the goal, follow the plan, take targeted action and work hard till you succeed.









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