Why give stuff away for free?

Why would you give stuff away for free?

What’s that all about it? It makes no sense does it…. But of course it does make very good sense and I’m sure you’ve seen this tactic being used all over the place and you’ve probably taken free stuff off all sorts of people

For example I was at  conference recently and  walking around various stalls I could  people had stuff to give away free,  Free pens for instance, only cheap pens I have to say, but they were free pens all the same.Why would they give away free pens? Well for one thing it meant people would stop by the stall to pick up the pen, so the free pen drew them in. For another reason there was the the logo and telephone number of the company aon the pen so it was advertising.

cheese sampleHave you been in the supermarket where somebody is giving away something free, maybe free samples of cheese is for instance. I’ve seen it where they have a plate of cheese cubes on cocktail sticks and they give you a taster for free. (I have sometimes taken one, walked round the isle and then taken another!)  They want yoy to taste their new ‘Super Mature Full Flavour Chedder’ or whatever they’re selling in the hope that you will like it and then you’ll want to buy the whole cheese.

Giving stuff away for free makes perfect sense.

First of all people love ‘free’, they adore getting something for nothing. They love a bargin!

Another reason to give away stuff for free is that people notice it! The word free catches their eye and they want to see what it’s all about. Recently I notice some guys in town giving somethig away, I was not sure what it was so I went over to see. Turns out they were giving away doggy dental chews. I dont have a dog, so I moved on, but it did make me stop to find out what was on offer.

The three reasons we give stuff away for free are

1: It grabs people attention, just like the doggy chews! The word ‘free’ in an advert, a blog post,  a video, grabs people’s attention. They want to see whats on offer.

2: It gives people the opportunity to get to know what we’re doing, to engage with us.  By giving stuff away in return for an email address allows us more opportunituies, via email to build up a relationship so they get to Know Like and Trust us.

3: It gives people the opportunity to see the quality of what we offer. They see that the free gift is of value and is a quality product.  They see that it is something that’s worth having, and that suggests to them that what we sell later will also be of value and worth bying.

Of course it’s not really ‘free’. I mean it is free in the sense that it doesn’t cost anybody any money,  but it’s not free in the sense that they give us their emails in exchange for that free stuff. That way we are able to continue to engage with them and  market to them.

We know that we have some great stuff that we can give them, we’ve got some excellent tools and products that will help people make a profit online. We know that we can make their online life easier, But none of that is any good if we cant get to the people and let them see what we have.

When is Free not Free?


One of the things that we are promoting at the moment is some free training called ‘The Perfect Offer.‘.

Now this is an interesting one because it’s both free and it’s not free!

The training itself, which is great by the way, is free. But you get the free training via a USB memory stick. To cover the production and postage of the stick, there is a small charge of less than $10.

So we say get your free training and the 4gig USB stick for free but you cave to cover shipping.

This ‘Free + Shipping’ process is highly effective, and the training sets out exectly how it works.

If you want to find out about Free + Shipping offers, then why don’t you check out our promotion for The Perfect Offer.


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