The ‘Google system’ for Affiliate newbies


Google is an amazing tool, I mean, incredible. To think that the first housing for the google data drives was made out of Lego bricks by two students, its mind blowing. In fact it has become part of our daily lives. At work I often get told,”Hey, Tony, I am one google ahead of you”, or “Just GTS” (Google That Stuff)

Lets face it, if you are new to Affiliate Marketing, or been trying for a while but not succeeding, then you are probably looking to Google for answers!

Getting started is the first step, it can be a challenge in its self, but getting started and making money, boy that’s a whole other ball game.

So, if you were going to google all the different things you need to get started and make money, you would need to search for…

“Affiliate Products to sell”

I have just done that and come up with just over 78,000 results. Wow… best of luck searching through that Haystack for the needle that works!

“Marketing affiliate products”

85,000 results. At least there is plenty of information out there on how to market the products you choose, but really? 85,000 individual pieces of information on marketing Affiliate products, these will include systems, tools, processes, training videos webinar and a host of other items

“Generating traffic”

384,000 results, that’s a whole lot of ‘how to generate traffic’. Generating traffic to your offers is the lifeblood of affiliate marketing, and you have just opened a floodgate of information, much of which is outdated, ill-conceived or just plain wrong.

“email swipes”,

49,100 items returned!

“web Banners”

2,770,000, results!

google search picYou get the point, right?… You could so easily get lost in all this research.

Its alright trying to Google your way to success, but it is such hard work and so many fall along the way, crushed under the sheer bulk of the information available

So that why I am happy to be promoting this system. I call it the google system for Affiliate newbies. That’s not what it is really called, so why do I call it the Google System,, Because it’s got all you are searching for.
It really has got all you need to get started and earn money online.

For a ridiculously low price you get some great training so that you know exactly what its all about, you get a blue print to follow, a proven path to generating traffic for your offers, you get email swipes that you can use to craft your own emails, using headlines and copy that is proven to work. You get ready made website banners to use as Facebook ads, display on your blog, add to the end of videos and a load of other uses. Basically it has all the answers you are looking for.

So the choice is yours, you can keep searching Google, looking for that elusive answer, or you can grab this system, and get started making money today.

Check out this system here   Google System For Affiliates



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