Honestly the best policy?

Honest UpdateWhen we started this blog, we stated that we would honestly and openly share our progress. That’s a tough challenge when things are not progressing as we would have hoped. There are some in this industry who would say you should “fake it till you make it”, in effect, “mislead people into thinking you are more successful than you are.” That’s just not our style; we want to stay true to our word. We want to share with you what this journey is like, in all honestly.

Lack of Progress

The truth is that we are not progressing as we had hoped. The lack of progress has become demotivating. We have needed to give ourselves a swift kick up the backside! Just this week Tanya posted the following on our Facebook page:

[img_text_aside style=”1″ image=”http://tonyandtanyaonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Motivation.jpg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”” alignment=”center”]I lost some of my motivation this week, probably because Tony is working away from home and I have been packing boxes and clearing out the house so we can move out before July. So there is a need for me to be here and Tony to be in Darlington. Anyway, I haven’t done any quotes this week, because of being busy, but tonight I decided to get to grips with myself and get back on my laptop. I saw this quote and it has reminded me why Tony and I are doing this business and what motivates Tony and myself. It is so Tony can retire early and we can spend more time with each other and our family, and for our new home in Portugal which is in process of being rebuilt. If you would like to know more about us you can contact us at TonyandTanyaOnline.com. See you soon


So, if you are expecting a rose-tinted story of fast and easy success, you going to be disappointed. What you’re getting here is the brutal truth, honestly and openly presented.

The plan

Some weeks ago, on this blog, we published a plan with some projected incomes. We want to let you know where we are against that plan. The target income projected was that by the end of March we would have made about $131. The actual income was $29. A bit the shortfall! To make matters worse, we were expecting to make $2700 in April and are certainly not on track to do that.

We expected to be promoting some products that have not yet arrived (but will do very soon)

We have though, by and large, kept up with our commitments to blog, broadcast live, publish on Facebook and in addition to our page, start to develop a Facebook group, Building The Dream.


Scuba DiverAnyone that knows me, knows I’m a scuba diver. One of the things I need to know as a scuba diver, is how to navigate underwater. It does not help that I am not very good at underwater navigation. Whereas other diver’s compasses are marked ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’, ‘West’, mine might as well be marked, ‘Eeny’, ‘Meeny’, ‘Miney’ ‘Moe’! If I’m supposed to be heading south for 20 m, but am one or two degrees off from my heading, then the further I travel further I deviate from my destination, The further I deviate the greater the corrective action needed. Of course, you only know you are off track if you have a planned track and destination and check your progress regularly.

Because we have a plan for our business, and because we have a schedule of activity, and both are written down, we are able to see exactly where we have deviated from the plan. Because we can see where we have deviated were able to see what we need to do to get back on track. So here again, in the cause of honesty, is where we have deviated, and the corrective or mitigating action we are taking to put this right.


Building a better mousetrap.

The main area we are failing is that of getting enough people to know what we are doing, giving those people a reason to know, like and trust us, and then pointing them to valuable solutions that will help them achieve their goals whilst at the same time providing us with an income through affiliate sales. (OK there we go again with the shameless open honesty, we hope that people who read our blog, visit our Facebook page, join or Facebook group and watch our YouTube videos will become customers!).

The thing is, simply building a better mousetrap has not caused the world to beat a path to our door!

So what are we going to do about it?

First, we are going to renew our enthusiasm for our daily tasks. Tanya is going to continue doing her motivational memes. There are great, I love the way she weaves the words and pictures to create motivational daily quotes. In fact I am thinking of creating a motivational video with these.

I am going to continue my blog, but also my daily Facebook live broadcasts, but I am going to do so with much more life and vigor. I have been inspired by Simon Stanley, who I have been following for a while and met in January. Go check his YouTube channel, this guy has come from nowhere to being very successful in a few short years.

I am also going to upload my Facebook live broadcasts to YouTube to build our own YouTube channel.

In addition I am going to re-visit some of the training I have attended earlier by watching the live videos of the sessions and remind myself of what I need to do to create a Traffic System, reaching out to people and moving them from strangers who know nothing about us, into a place where they know like and trust us and value our advice and recommendations.

Also Tony and I have been working on a fun quiz that we will be publishing very soon which we hope you and others will find interesting and informative.

There are a few other things in the pipeline but more about that in another blog.

Like minded individuals

one of our hopes is that this blog will attract like-minded individuals to be keen to contact us and have our support as they build their own digital path to success in retirement. If that sounds like you and you would like one-to-one Skype conversation to see how we can help you and have us honestly explained to you what’s involved then do please email us at office@TonyandTanyaon.com

if you enjoyed this blog that did comment below and consider joining our Facebook group to get more today and in depth information.

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