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Watch out… changes are comming

Today I have just had a 1 hour one to one with Dean Holland my mentor. This guy has made millions online in the past few years, but before that he struggled. Because he has been where I am, starting out and striving to make a success online, and has managed to rise to the top of his profession, I tend to put great store by what he has to say, and value these sessions together. Sometimes he will reveal a hidden truth, a deep deep secret, a gem of knowledge, held only by a select few. Other times, what he has to say seems so simple, so obvious, so mundane that it takes me a while to grasp the power of what he has just revealed.

To day’s session contained a simple but profound revelation!

Whats the story?

So hold on to your hats whilst I reveal the gist of what he told me….

To sell more product….more people have to see your offer…. to get more people to see your offer, you have to give it greater exposure.

Deep right! Ok, so maybe not a mind shattering revelation… but none the less an important lesson for me.

We looked at what  am currently doing to make people aware of the great training we have on offer.

1: I write a blog.

About 4 to 5 times a week  publish new content, be it words of wisdom, updates on our progress or points of interest to others looking to make money online.

As we looked at my blog posts he pointed out that people get distracted online, they probably would get all the way through my post before they click on something else that has caught their eye.

Here was hi first suggestion… add an image to the page that links to the free training you are offering, so that if someone is going to get distracted, at least it is you doing the distraction and sending them to where you want them to go!

So look out for some prominent banner adverts on by blog real soon!

2: Daily emails.

I currently email those that have signed up to my email newsletter once a day. The initial email open rate is good, but after a week or so it drops off.  People are not unsubscribing, just not opening my emails. In effect it is just wasted effort.

He suggested that one reason for this was that people had not yet got to know me as well as they needed to. He suggested that as  I have a lot of good stuff to share, I could easily email twice a day.  Giving people the opportunity to get to know, like and trust me. That this would lead to more sales as people got to trust that the things I promote are worth their time and attention.

So look out for more regular emails.

3: I do a daily video blog as well as my written blog.

He suggested that it would be a great idea to put an outro sequence on the end of each of my videos, that promoted one of my offers. In fact I had recorded an outro the other week but had not got round to using it.

So look out for my videos and the new outro at the end.

As you can see, simple stuff, but hopefully, as I take action on each item I will see an increase in engagement with my followers that will result in more sales.

Bottom line…. If you are going to call yourself an affiliate marketer… you need to market!

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