Make the Internet Chicken Dance

Make your Internet Chicken Dance

This guy walks into a bar, and says,

“look, I don’t have any money, but if my dancing chicken can entertain you customers, will you give me a pint.”

“OK” says the bar tender.

The man puts a biscuit tin on the bar, and puts his chicken on it. Straight away the chicken starts dancing, like its on a little stage.

The other customers gather round, cheering the chicken on, eventually the man takes the chicken off the tin and says,

“Can I have my pint”

“Yes!” says the bar tender, “but, look, I want to see this again, will you come back tomorrow, and I will put the word around about your amazing dancing chicken. If it pulls in the punters, I will pay you £20 and you can have two free beers.”

“Deal!”  says the man.


Next day the word has gone out, the bar is crowded, the man turns up, puts the biscuit tin on the counter, puts the chicken on, and it starts to dance.

The crowd love it! The Bar tender is happy as the crowd are buying beer, it’s a great success.

“Can I have my money and my beers” says the man.

“Yes” says the bartender, “but can you come back tomorrow, same deal.”


“I dont know,”  says the man, “I am busy packing tomorrow night, I have to go up state the morning after.”

“Look”, says the bartender. “I think I am on to a winner here. If you leave the bird with me, I will pay you $500. What do you say?”

The man thought about it and said “Ok then, you take the bird, and I’ll take the money”

“Ok” says the Bartender, “leave the bird with me, I will make some money, you come back tomorrow night around about closing time and I will give you your $500”

The next night the man goes to collect his money, but the bar man is not happy.

“What’s the matter?” the man asks,.

“It’s your chicken” the barman replies. “I put him on the tin, but he won’t dance.”

“Really?” The man replies, “let me have a look”

He takes the chicken off the biscuit tin, opens the lid, and says…”there’s your problem, you haven’t lit the candle”.


OK, so its not a true story… but it is fairly true to my experience with affiliate marketing.

I could see these guys doing amazing things, and making good money online. I mean, they really had those online marketing chickens dancing. I was hooked. I would splash a bit of cash and get a taste of what they had to offer, then I would by the whole system. I would think, this is it…. I am now gonna make money just like them. I don’t care if I don’t make millions, but I do want to make thousands, and with this ‘Wonder Widget System’ … how could I fail….but each time I did fail.  The chicken just would not dance for me!

It’s not till I spoke to one of these successful guys, and got to see under the lid, that I finally cracked on to how it all works. And guess what?  It is surprisingly simple!

Now I know, I have started to make money from a couple of systems.

One of the easiest is the “Commission Cartel”. For less that $10 Michael Chenney lifts the lid of the tin that holds the secret to successful affiliate marketing. If contains hours of training, a step by step blue print to making $500 a month online. Done for you promos, done for you bonuses to give to your customers, everything you need to really make a success of affiliate marketing.

So, if you want to see the internet chicken dance, then you really need to get this great package.

Check it out here  Commission Cartel









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Tony and Tanya

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Tim Fitzpatrick - September 19, 2017

Love the story, you are obviously allergic to chickens! I agree I have used Michael Cheney’s systems in the past and they are always successful.

    Tony and Tanya - September 20, 2017

    Hi Tim…. he does have some absolutly first class products. Thanks for your comment and encouragement….and yes….those pesky chickens!


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