My Loss…. Your Gain

There we were, 1 hour into a 5-and-a-half-hour drive across country to visit the grand kids and we had just stopped for a coffee and some petrol. As I looked around, the shop my eyes landed on a great music CD…Peter Sellers ‘Goodness Gracious Me!

Peter Sellers CD Cover

Turns out this was not a great move! In a moment I will tell you how you can benefit from my mistake.

You can watch the Video version of this email here….

You probably need to be of a certain age to appreciate the classics on this masterpiece of musical comedy…’Bangers and Mash’, ‘Grandpa’s Grave’, ‘Setting fire to the policeman’,

Not only of a certain age, but of a certain refined and highly tuned sense of humour, and whilst I clearly possess this rare quality, Tanya… well…. Doesn’t! Not to put too fine a point on it, she is a miserable old goat!

There we were, sat in the car, about to set off for a few hours together, stuck in a close proximity, with the prospect of me sniggering away for a hour or so of pure musical mirth and mayhem, and Tanya sitting there stone-faced and looking like she is sucking on a wasp.

So of course, as a sensitive husband, I did not in fact play the CD. Clearly as a loving soulmate I am attune to her every want and desire. Her happiness is my one concern. It would be brutish of me to force the bride of my youth to sit through an hour or so of music she would not enjoy. It would be selfish of me to put my own wants and desires ahead of hers. So I did not play the cd……..

That and the fact that I had forgotten that my present car does not have a CD player! It has Bluetooth, it has a AUX input socket, it has a USB port….but what it does not have is a chuffing CD Player!

So, I had just spent 9.99 and basically was totally unable to use the purchase for the purpose I had planned! What a plonker! Nothing wrong with the CD, just my ability to use it.

So there we were, sat in the car, about to set off for a few hours together, stuck in a close proximity, with the prospect of Tanya looking smug and me looking like I was sucking on a wasp.

It made me think of all the times I had bought a product to help me in my business, only to find that I was not able to use it for one reason or another. It might have taken too much effort to learn. It might have failed to live up to its hype. Whatever the reason it sat on my hard drive as useless as a CD without a player!

And this is good news for you!

You see I have a great piece of training that you can simply put into action, and that helps you build the perfect offer for products or services. BUT…. What say you decide that the training is not for you (why would you say that? You would be crazy to say that!), well no sweat, the training will be sent to you on a 4GB USB memory stick. So even if you cant make use of the training (but I am sure your can) you will still have a USB memory you can use! So my 9.99 cock up has resulted in you being offered today a 9.96 training offer, with free 4GB USB memory stick…. Result!

The Perfect Offer
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Tony and Tanya