It does NOT take all sorts

No! It does not take all sorts!

Tanya and I have been working away for a while now, building our online business. Of course, in that process we have met up (either physically or digitally) with a host of others doing the same thing.They all want to succeed in making a success of their business, but how they are going about it differs wildly.


The Types

You have the ‘Silver Bullet Brigade’ these guys seem to think that somewhere out there is the one thing that is going to make all the difference. If they can just find this one thing, then all the failures of the past will fade away and suddenly overnight it will all come good and the money will flow.

Then there are the ‘Perpetual Students’. They buy course after course, watch tutorial after tutorial, they study, they learn, they build up their knowledge, but they never apply it! They are the most educated fools on the net.There are the ‘Something for Nothingers’. They just want the free stuff that is given away, they don’t want to invest time into the business, they won’t pay for hosting, autoresponder or ad spend, but they want to see the money flood in. These guys tend to be, in our experience, the one’s that whine the most

The Successful Type

desktop pictureBut you also have the ‘This is my business, I am going to take regular, targeted, effective action’ crowd! These are the ones we spend most of out time with.

If they have a problem, or get stuck, they ask for help. If they feel despondent or downhearted, they look for inspiration and encouragement, pick themselves up and continue the journey. These are the ones that inspire and encourage me in my own journey, and the ones who seem so willing to help me out whenever I ask.

For example, over the weekend I put together a new marketing campaign. (You can check it out here: The Perfect Offer).

Let me walk you through the components of the campaign as I am sure you will find them helpful for your own marketing efforts.

First I created a unique web page, just for this campaign, ( I got to say I was please with the look of it. The page offers information about how to get cash in hand buyers in exchange for the visitor giving up their email address.


When they sign up for the info, the email address is immediately put into my auto responder (a system that will send them a welcome email straight away).  They are then sent to a welcome page where they get to see a welcome video from me, they can jump to the information they requested, and in addition they can download an extra unadvertised bonus PDF.

You can see it’s a neat little sequence, that delivers what they asked for, along that extra dash of value.

Before I started to send visitors to the page though, I wanted to check it works OK.  The problem is that I think everything I do is perfect, so I tend not to see the mistakes! I reached out to Marcus, one of the ‘do-ers’ in my circle of fellow affiliate marketers and asked him to have a look at it for me. He willingly and freely did so. So now it is all ready to go, I am about to start sending visitors to the page.

The Perfect Offer

The page contains a great offer. My mentor, Dean Holland has put together some new training that shows you how to drive massive traffic to your offers, traffic that easily converts into customers, not prospects, not simply additions to your email list, but people who readily part with their cash! So if you fall into the action taker group of Affiliate Marketers, and you want to gain a steady stream of buyers to add to you email list, then you really need to check this out, you can get the information here, The Perfect Offer

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