Pregnancy – Pee & Money

Sometimes human creativity amazes me.

Check this headline I saw a while back:

“Florida woman earns middle-class salary selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist.”

What the ….?


This woman is pregnant so she sells urine to people who want to have a positive pregnancy test. Here what she says:

“pregnancy tests/urine – $30

Very self-explanatory, I am 6 months and I am providing a product
in which the consumer is able to purchase positive pregnancy tests
or urine for your own use.

Whether you are using it for your own amusement such as a prank,
or to blackmail the CEO of apple who you are having an affair with

This is an absolutely no questions asked the type of deal, tell me
what you need I provide it for monetary exchange.

I will not overcharge for the urine test but I will not be low balled
either do not contact me if you are going to be cheap and difficult”

If she pees 5-10 times a day that can make her $150-300 per day. Not bad, not bad at all. And she can work at her own convenience!

She’ll make a decent side income. But then what? What when the baby is born? Back to a dead end job?

Great idea,  but not exactly sustainable. I hope she makes good use of the money she makes cause it wont last forever.

How can she make good use of the cash?

Well for one, I would suggest to start her own online business.

An online business can provide a great, regular and significant income. And you don’t have to be pregnant to
make it work!

Ok, you wont be  raking in cash on the first day. It’s not instant cash like this ladies urine test.
An online business takes some time to start rolling. BUT…

When it’s up and running you don’t need to spend your time  stuck on the loo or meeting with whackos who want your urine.

What about you?

Interested in making money online?

If you are not looking for a get rich quick scheme, if you are ready to put in the effort, if you are prepared to grow a real online business then I can recommend a great way to get

Check out Commission Cartel from Michael Chenney 

P.S. I read a bit more about this woman.

She’s in college and needs the money.
She had to choose between selling pregnancy tests or trying to find a job that accepts someone six months pregnant.
Under this new information, even if bizarre, her choice is a good one (Still not the best though.)

If only she had known about Commission Cartel

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