Reasons People Fail


Here are two main reasons people fail at affiliate marketing

1: They are frightened to fail!

Most people are NOT suited for Affiliate Marketing….I know that flies in the face of  what you may have been told in the past.. but it’s true.

Most people are looking for fast easy cash. We live in an instant gratification society. A ‘flick a switch’, ‘turn it on’ world where if it’s worth having, it’s worth having now!

The thing is….. Affiliate Marketing (apart from the odd exception that proves the rule) takes time and effort to establish a foundation for success. It is not a ‘get rich quick’ silver bullet.

In fact, many of those who now talk of their success, who can demonstrate tens of thousands a month in profit, will willingly tell you that for some time they failed.  Do you know the saying….

“Failure is not an option, it’s a surefire certainty!”

Well that is so true of Affiliate Marketing.  To succeed you have to be prepared to fail, learn from your failures, experiment, and may be fail again, before you get the right results. Success is built on the foundation of failure.

The problem is that most people are not prepared to fail. They are not prepared to spend money trying different approaches. They are prepared to invest the time learning and adapting.

It may be that you are reading this blog because you have tried Affiliate Marketing and failed….but failing does not make you a failure, giving up does.

So, if you have failed, but still fighting to make a success of Affiliate Marketing, then you have already cut yourself apart from the majority, who give up rather than keep going and chalking failure up to experience and consider each one a step towards success.

Investment Pic

Investment Pic

2: They are not prepared to invest

Its true that you can start an online business for next to nothing… you can, for instance build a business around Facebook, but it is rare that this on it’s own will bring success. For the most part there are three things that require an investment of time and money.

Education…. Again you can get free education by searching Youtube and signing up to free webinars. But this will only take you so far. To ensure that you have a well-rounded, systematic,  and effective education you will need to be prepared to invest in your training. This may be a few dollars at the bottom end through to tens of thousands at the top end.

However, education is essential to your success, and investing some cash getting the inside scoop on a proven, profitable system can really help take you to the next level.

If you are wondering what level that might be, based on where you are at in your online journey, why not take our fun simple Affiliate Marketing Bird quiz? Answer a few questions about what you are looking to achieve and what you are prepared to invest and discover if you are destined to soar with the Eagles or be forever scratching around for worms with the turkeys.


There are some essential tools that every Affiliate Marketer needs if they are going to make a sustainable business. The most important will be website hosting, so you are able to control your own brand identity. An autoresponder, so that you can be automatically emailing your crowing list of subscribers, relentlessly moving them from prospect to customer to client.


Whilst it is not necessary to pay for visitors to your offer, it is undeniable that paid for traffic is an effective strategy to speed up the acquisition of opt in to your list. A regular monthly spend on advers, solo ads, or banners will make a huge difference to the speed at which you crow a critical mass of followers and subscribers.


Dont for get to take the quiz!    Affiliate Marketing Bird quiz

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