Warning signs and chains

We have just come back from a weekend visiting one set of Grandchildren. I know their parents were there too, but they hardly count! We were out and about walking through the grounds of an old slate quarry that we have walked through before. This time though it had changed… and it made me think about our own situation, especially the warning signs and chains. More about that later, but first let me tell you a bit about the place we were walking through.

The Dorothea Quarry used to be a thriving slate quarry, with hundreds of workers, Arial Rope ways, a horse drawn railway and impressive slate cottages and managers mansion, surrounded by man made mountains of broken slate.

These old buildings, the road ways and tunnels were until a few months ago freely accessible to the public. Over grown and Gothic looking, a maze of broken walls, fallen arches, and long forgotten pathways, they added a sense of adventure to or walks with the grandchildren.

As I walked round with the grandchildren tales and games form and reform. There are odd artifacts of bygone years that we can only imagine as to their purpose.
A large metal ring set into the ground must surely lead to a chamber full of treasure, and our disappointment at not being able to dig it out and lift the slab is tempered by the fact that the treasure is almost certainly guarded by a dragon (this is Wales after all!).

A tunnel under the thick slate wall must surely have been a secret entrance into the grand house where the princess came and went without the knowledge of her guards… or may be… it housed a troll or two…

However this weekend, things had changed. Now there is a large vehicle access gate with a chain, there are warning signs all over, the access to buildings and tunnels have been fenced off. The bright black and yellow hazard tape conflicts sharply with the grey slate and dark green ivy.

I fully understand why they have done this, but it is a little sad that the adventure has been curtailed. It’s a sign of the times. Nothing stays the same forever.

This got me thinking about our own life and how it is changing. There does not seem to be the same level of carefree freedom there once was. We are noticing warning signs and chains! Tanya’s recent cancer scare is a good example of how we seem to be seeing warning signs spring up around us. My being told I need to lose weight if I want pass my Diving Medical. We are becoming aware that our retirement is just around the corner, and enjoy it in good health need to take note of the signs and take action.

This certainly means that we are looking towards improving our health and fitness, Tanya has started to take long walks along the estuary and looking at our diet. I am looking to free up time to exercise, probably by kayaking.

But we also recognize the chains that are binding us from enjoying that retirement with the activates and lifestyle we dream of. The biggest of course being Financial. We need to supplement our pension and our chosen vehicle for this is the internet, and in particularly Internet Marketing.

Just like any business, the key to braking our chains is to become profitable, and the key to becoming profitable is to have an irresistible offer people want to buy. Fortunately, we have found one!
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