A Winning Workflow!

My winning workflow

I am fine tuning my winning workflow. A workflow is simply a process that you follow to achieve a desired out come. By standardising your workflow you can achieve efficiencies of effort…..
Right, lets stop that right there….I am beginning to sound like a Management Consultant!

So what does this actually mean for me?

I have recently developed a targeted set of actions so that I know exactly what I am doing each day.  I know the order I am doing them in.

So first let me set out my work flow.

My Work Flow
1: I start off thinking about the message I want to give to those that follow me today, or might be interested to find out a bit more about making money online.
2: I write up a draft blog post, that way it helps my thinking so that when I come to do my Facebook Live broadcast I know what I want to cover.
3: I broadcast my Daily live video…knowing that I will re-use this video a few times in different ways before I am done for the day.
4: I record on my phone, and after I have posted the video, I go to my PC and download the file so I can then edit it.
5: (this is a new step I am about to implement, but haven’t done so yet) I then add an ‘Outro’ to my live broadcast. This is a closing ‘advert’ to promote the Perfect Offer.
6: Having done that, I upload the video to YouTube and make it public.
7: I then take the YouTube video URL and embed it in the blog I drafted earlier, this way the blog is both a blog and a vlog (videoblog).
8: I then publish the blog.
9: Next I take the blog and craft it in to either a short or long email, and again embed the YouTube link into the email.
10: I then sent the email to my list.
11: Finally, I write a short post linking to my blog and insert that into Buffer, a programme that then pushes that single post out to my Facebook Pages, Twitter and Instagram.

After that I sit down to a well-earned cup of tea,

But why?

So why do I think these points are so important. Well for a long time I have been doing my live broadcasts to an audiance of only 5 or 6. I believe that I give significant value in these broadcasts, and I was disapointede that there were not more people benefiting from them. The workflow I now have allows that content to go out to my 2,000 email subscribers as well as those who will find it on YouTube.

I am about four weeks three weeks into this new process, and already I am seeing an increase in sales, so it must be working!

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