You REALLY need a list

You need a list… I mean you REALLY need a list!

A list of email addresses for those that have asked to join you email list is a goldmine of opportunity. If you have built the list in the right way there here is a rich seem of internet gold!

These are people who are interested in what you are selling (why else would they sign up right?) And amongst them are those that will be come buyers. Amongst the buyers are those who will become repeate buyers. And amongst those are the serial buyers and the big ticket buyers.

Yes, you really need a list.

So here is the All Time Best list building tip.

Give people a reason to join your list.

And remeber, that reson has to be something other that ‘buy this’ ‘buy this’ ‘buy this’

Even if you are absolutley new to this game and have no list at all,, if the reason people should sign up is strong enough, the list will grow.

Let me show you my statistics from this week’s brand new list building campaign that started
a couple of days ago.

List Stats

I started three days ago, from scratch with a  new list. I now have just over 50 people signed
up to that list.

Thats 50 people I can now email information and offers to, every single day!

Clearly the list needs to grow bigger, but you get the point, 50 in three days, maybe a 100 in a week, a thousand in 10 weeks and so it goes on.

So give them a reason to join. I am using a free training course called ‘The Perfect Offer’ and  that is why people are wanting to join my list.

You have heard me mention this before, but you can  make a substancial income by giving stuff away.

This is what I am on about, give someting away for free. Then even people who have never heard of you will willingly give you their enail address.

If what you have given them is sufficently valuable they will want to hang around on your list so they  they get more value.

If you continue to provide entertaining, engaging useful content in you emails, your list will grow.

As you list grows, your opportunity to share great value products, that meet their needs also grows, and as that grows, so does your profit.

So, the Top Tip for today is… give a compelling, no brainer, highvalue, guilt edge, reason for people  to want to join your list.

If you want to know how to do that, and want to grab some great training, click the button below:

The Perfect Offer
Perfect Offer


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